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Oktion App was created to help charities and non-profit organisations to reduce the cost of using a third-party auction app. Oktion app was born to help organisations run live auctions and raise more funds.

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Driving bids and donations for all types of auction events


Mobile Application Development / Website Design & Development / SEO Management / Social Media Management / Graphic Design


Oktion is a mobile application that can be used by anybody to run auction events. It aims to help charity and non-profit organisations raise more funds for their cause and achieve greater success in the auction event itself. Consumers can sign up to the platform and brand their auction event as their own, creating their own preferences. Oktion is a complete silent auction solution. The app allows users to manage their entire auction process from the

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Our Solution

DigiGround would develop a mobile application and admin panel to meet the client’s needs. The app would be available on any device and accessible from any location and would be monitored and kept up to date by the DigiGround team.

We plan to begin contacting non-profit and charity organisations to potentially form partnerships. We want to work alongside these organisations to help them with their cause and raise greater funds through Oktion. We would put together a database of every non-profit and charity organisation in Australia, and we plan to begin contacting each organisation personally to find out how we can meet their needs. We would also market to schools, community groups and event centres for the same purpose.

With general consumers, we plan to advertise the product to them through digital marketing methods including social media posting, social media advertising and search advertising.

The Challenge

The client came to DigiGround with a request for Oktion, an online silent auction app, that could be used for bidding, raising funds, making donations and running auction events. Additionally, they wanted a website and branding for the app, and a marketing plan to help commercialise the product. The client wanted to market the application to both non-profit organisations and general consumers, as well as schools and venues.

Mobile Application Development


Our client envisioned a mobile app that provided silent auction attendees with a seamless bidding system, and a quick and easy way to raise funds while engaging guests. To make this possible, DigiGround offered app development to turn the client’s idea into a fully functioning mobile platform.

Oktion App made by digiground


Before we began developing the Oktion app, we conducted market research to find out which features needed to be added. These were features that would benefit the user and help make their work easier. These features were also absent from existing applications.

With a production plan, documented product specifications and a prototype now in place, we allocated development staff to each Oktion development task. Our development team made use of many different technologies, programming languages and approaches to build the Oktion app. We had to make sure that all development team members completely understood the objectives and the intent of Oktion’s requirements. Regular meetings were held during the development stage to make sure that everybody knew what to do next, to clear up misinformation and to ensure deadlines would be met.

The Result

During the process, we had to conduct new developments of Oktion as we learned of new features to add to the product to further enhance the user’s experience. Once a stable version of the app was developed, we tested it at a live silent auction. Based on feedback gathered, DigiGround has polished the interface and functionalities to provide an effective and easy-to-use mobile app. Oktion has now been officially released to the app stores, and the development team is working on creating additional features for the app.

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Website Design And Development


The client needed a website that people could visit to learn more about Oktion and to download the app. The website would include information about how to use the Oktion app, its aims and its partners. There would also be policies and contact information available on the website.

The Oktion App


DigiGround’s web design team created a vibrant website that uses Oktion’s brand colours and style. It was designed to capture the uplifting and inclusive nature of the application. To achieve this, our web designers used eye-catching images and graphics and a fullwidth, modern website layout. The Oktion logo, colours and fonts appear throughout the website.

The website wasn’t intended to convert visitors to Oktion users. Instead, its aim was to give visitors more information on Oktion and how it can benefit their auction events. It is essential that visitors know all the functions and features of Oktion and how they can be used to enhance the auction experience. We set up the website in WordPress to allow the client to easily manage and update the website when needed. DigiGround also offered website maintenance and hosting for Oktion. The content was written by DigiGround and added into the site, complete with search engine optimisation (SEO).

The Result

The website was designed and developed with close collaboration with the client. The result was a very informative and modern website that is optimised for every device and browser. Our web developers are regularly updating the site to keep it fresh and current. The website successfully gives Oktion an online presence and a destination to which users can visit for help and support.

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Oktion fundraising process

SEO Management


The client had a beautiful website created by the DigiGround web developers, but users had no way of finding it. Likewise, Oktion wasn’t appearing in Google searches for their name or important keywords. The Oktion app needed a solution to enable themselves to be found online.

SEO Management Process


Instead of only focusing on increasing website traffic, DigiGround implemented an SEO strategy that targeted those who are looking for the services offered by Oktion. The first step was to research the target audience and choose keywords that they are more likely to search for. Once the keywords were chosen, we then began onsite and offsite optimisation. We updated the content, meta tags and image tags to include the keywords. We also added keywords to inbound internal links and to descriptions on Oktion’s social media pages.

DigiGround created a Google My Business page to enhance Oktion’s visibility and submitted the site to directories and content submission websites. This would create more backlinks to the website and get Oktion in front of more internet users. We submitted the sitemap to search engines and set up their Google Analytics for monitoring and reporting.

The Result

Since we implemented SEO for Oktion, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of visitors they’re getting. They have also been gaining ranks in search engines for their important longtail keywords. DigiGround constantly monitors the Oktion website and Google Analytics data so that we can respond to updates to search engine algorithms and make sure the site is optimised at all times. We provide monthly SEO reporting and maintenance.

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Social Media Management


The Oktion app was being used at a live silent auction event for the first time. To promote the event and the app, Oktion needed to build an online presence and have a space to connect with users and guests. To make this possible, Oktion would require social media set up and management

social media management
oktion fundraising ideas


We found that the best social media networks for Oktion were Instagram and Facebook. Instagram would enable us to post images from events and live stream events to Oktion’s followers. Facebook was where most of Oktion’s users and target audience were located.

DigiGround’s social media manager set up the Oktion social pages complete with SEO-friendly descriptions. We discussed our goals for the social media and created posts accordingly. These posts would go up once a day on Facebook. The posts would engage the user, providing fun points, useful tips and information about the Oktion app. The posts would encourage users to visit the website and download the app.

The Result

Our social media management efforts have increased Oktion’s visibility on Facebook and resulted in a huge growth in impressions and reach. There is a good number of users clicking the links through to the Oktion website, which shows that the audience is engaged and interested in learning more. We will continue working on boosting Oktion’s online presence even more.

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The Oktion app had no branding when the client first came to us. They needed to develop a brand identity and graphic designs that captured this branding. It needed to be relevant, innovative and premium. The branding needed to engage their target market and speak for itself.

graphic design


Before we could begin work on any of Oktion’s required services (application development, website development, social media management), DigiGround needed to put together the Oktion brand guidelines. We worked with the client to develop the brand colours, fonts, logos and style. Our graphic designers created images and patterns that work in the app and website. The brand identity was based around the idea of creating positive change and bringing people together. The designers selected inclusive, fun and professional photos that highlighted the convenience of the Oktion app without compromising style or sophistication. When designing the application, DigiGround followed this brand identity while also ensuring that the app met modern application standards and provided a user-friendly display. Both the app and website designs were simple and organised, improving comprehension and usability. This kept content to a minimum and boosted the ease of use.

The Result

The result was a solid brand identity, a beautiful and easy to use application, and a website design that reflects both the branding and the application. The Oktion design is instantly recognisable by the user thanks to the consistency in design. DigiGround has received positive feedback from users about the UI of the app, with common remarks being that Oktion is user-friendly, attractive and easy to understand.

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