The Benefits
Of Blogging

The Benefits
Of Blogging

John Luhr
August 15th, 2018

If you’re doing nothing, you should still be blogging.

In the DigiGround team, everyone is encouraged to write and submit articles to the blog. There’s a multitude of reasons why, but the absolute main one is what we’re going to be talking about today.

Whenever a potential client approaches us about a web page we’ll first make a list of pages that they need. We’ll discuss with the client their needs and what they want. They might say a home page, contact us page or any other page they suggest. More often than not, they’ll neglect to mention a Blog page and more often than not, it’s our first suggestion.

The majority of the time, the response to the suggestion will be that they don’t have time to write blogs, and I’ll say the same thing over and over again. Make the time. Your blog doesn’t need to have War and Peace published three times a week, but it does need to have something. You can target 300 words, or set yourself an hour a week to write whatever you can. The benefits of blogging not only to your website, but to how your customers will see you are near immeasurable. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Blogging

  1. You have dynamic content on your site. This means your website is constantly changing and search engines are constantly having to update themselves for you, making you more noticeable and helping your ranking to grow.
  2. You’ll have a large variety of pages and text content on your site. This means that your words will match more things that people will search for. And, as your website grows older, your site will gain a bit of “legacy ranking”. Legacy ranking refers to the history of a website. If your site has been established for some time, Google preferences this. A new site, will not have legacy.
  3. Your visitors will have a reason to come back. If you’re writing about things that are relevant to your business and customer base, your customers will want to come back to read more. This will encourage repeat business and digital engagement for you.
  4. You automatically get yourself something to post about on social. However regularly you are blogging, you’ll be able to make a post that you can push to all your mediums on social informing your followers something has happened. This will gain you clicks and social engagement.
  5. You’ve got something to link back to. Every time you write a blog you can refer it back to something that you have written about before. (just take a look at my series on personalities in the workplace or my zoo comparisons). Internal backlinks are great for engagement and getting people to stay on your site.

There are many reasons to get on social and start to tell people about your brand. But if you’re not doing anything, you should still be blogging.

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The Benefits of Blogging
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The Benefits of Blogging
Still wondering what the benefits of blogging are? Our latest blog provides 5 important reasons you should be blogging, if you are not already.
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