Colouring In
Your App

Colouring In
Your App

John Luhr
December 14, 2018

This is where things start to get interesting. And where you will really have the most issues with moving forward. The most important thing to remember about the actual designing of your app is managing your expectations (I wrote about this a few blogs ago). Because this is really where things start to come to life.

As you are designing your app, you will definitely start to realise things you have planned don’t actually work. IN your mind, you think they work, when they are on a page in front of you, the definitely won’t. Sometimes it will make you very disheartened, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t stopping you from continuing. And the designs are not your idea.

Your idea is an app. The designs are just making your idea look like something.

So. How do you design your app in the most effective way?

Look, there is no effective way. Because of feedback. It’s at this point that you will get the most feedback from everyone you show. Most of it will be negative, or suggestions for improvement about the look of your app. It’s kind of common in design where everyone has an opinion. But it’s just that. Opinions. Just because I don’t like the colour green, and your app is green, doesn’t mean that your choice of green is wrong, or your app won’t work because it’s green.

It just means that I don’t like green (by the way, I have no opinion about the colour green).

I am often telling people about these things, actually, I don’t have any opinion. I refuse to buy into the feedback of what people are saying with regards to the design. Instead I tell them, I only like things that people click on (I wrote a blog about that once). Because no matter what, people will think they know what everyone wants, but really, they only know what they want.

It is incredibly hard for most people to separate their own opinion from feedback. And a single person’s opinion is meaningless if you want thousands or millions of people using your app.

So what should you do?

Despite what I have just written. You should take feedback. As much as you can get, from as many people as you can. Without giving away your app of course.

But you shouldn’t make any changes straight away. Instead, take the feedback, write it down and collate it. Find the common pieces of feedback and decide for yourself whether you want to make that change or not.

What does this have to do with design you might ask? Everything I say.

I can’t tell you how to use Adobe XD, or Illustrator, or even write a single blog about how to effectively design a User Interface (UI) or the User Experience (UX). I can really only tell you how to manage it.

You probably aren’t going to be the one that does the actual designs anyway. A good development company will have graphic designers, UI designers, UX designers and everything you need. So, work with them. Very closely. To create what you want.

One of the things you should note before you start is the process. How many rounds of feedback will you be allowed, how long will each screen take, actually, how many screens are there really?

And what you should end up with is almost every screen.

So, this is the process of colouring in your app. It can be very enjoyable as you see your app come to life, but it can also be very disheartening given all the feedback (asked for or not) you receive. But don’t worry, soldier through, your app is about to get ready


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This is where things start to get interesting. And where you will really have the most issues with moving forward. This is colouring in your app.
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