Creating A
Better World

Creating A
Better World


By Lily Pattie
July 25, 2017

If there was no giving in this world then it would be a harsh place and let’s be honest, this place can be quite cruel at the best of times.  One of the best feelings in the world is when you give back to someone in need. Not because you are expecting something else in return but just because.  In my life, I have seen so much heart-warming giving from people, it brings flutters to my heart.  Such events include my friends feeding the poor on the streets of Sydney to building schools for children in Cambodia.

Then there are the larger scale giving back campaigns going on, such as a project called  If you have not heard of this program before then I bet, you would have heard of its main sponsor; social media giant Facebook. are on a mission to bring the internet to third world countries.  So far, they have brought the internet to more than 25 million different people around the globe. This is such an epic achievement.

Think about it for a moment, this enables farmers to look up the local weather and plan for heavy rain on crops. Or, a young mother to educate her children through the power of using online encyclopedias as textbooks.  The power of the internet brings people wealth in so many ways.  Then, there is the planning of infrastructure for this to happen.  Large-scale network setup and everything else that goes with making the internet available in remote areas. Good job Facebook.

How we’re creating a better world

DigiGround is giving back too.  Back in December, we decided to launch our DigiCare program. We decided that our skills are so specialised that it would be rude not to give back.  We now give 1% of our time to anyone who needs it.  That doesn’t sound like much but that equates to five (5) hours per week.  So far, we have given 155 hours in total and we are willing to give it to any organisation that needs help, by providing digital or marketing support.  This includes bringing web design alive for charities looking for an online presence.

We recently completed a website project for Navzad Memorial Foundation whose aim is to raise funds for much-needed cancer support and research. Our multifaceted skillsets allow us to provide development for apps or web projects, photography or video, to name a few. Our aim is to give back to people who need it most.  If you have a project and need support, learn more here and get in touch.

Winston Churchill said ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

So, hats off to you if you are already starting to make a difference to this sometimes-difficult world. If you haven’t yet, then start, trust us it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and provide you with a feeling of immense purpose.


Creating a Better World
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Creating a Better World
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