CRM Integrations:
Strategies and APIs

CRM Integrations:
Strategies and APIs


Joel Magin
June 28, 2021

Lots of businesses manage vast amounts of customer data. The information gathered includes data on demographics, interactions with marketing and email campaigns, preferences, purchase histories, touchpoints from a variety of systems, business software, apps and online tools. When businesses use data thoughtfully to provide better customer experiences, both customers and the business benefit through deeper insights.

To benefit, a business must organise and integrate data ‘cleanly’, gain insights from data and act on data insights. Data-driven decision making, and actions must be allowed to drive the business forward.

CRM Integrations: Strategies and APIs

Data integration and CRM integration is not easy when strategically looking to the future. A productive approach using with long term strategies will help a business access data without any issues, however someone in the business needs to become ‘data master’.

CRM integration

CRM integration connects an application to your CRM platform in order for data to flow to and from both sources. The goal for any CRM integration is to host complete and accurate data from your software application. This provides you with an overall viewpoint of your business and its customers.

Customer data integration

CRM gathers all data about a customer from multiple disparate systems in different departments within a business and assembles it in a single location. This makes it easily accessible to multiple departments and acts as a single source of truth. DigiGround builds web and mobile solutions that integrate with CRM to drive the business forward and acts on the data. This makes the business more efficient, helping it to communicate with customers and solve real-world business problems through personalisation and automation.

The DigiGround challenge

Building modern software is difficult, as solutions move at a rapid pace in competitive markets. Thinking that systems stand still in areas like the following would be a gross understatement. Master data management (MDM) platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, order and inventory management, supply chain management, CRM systems, email marketing platform, individual social media platforms, customer service chatbot software, project management software, collaboration tools. Each of these are moving with continuous improvement in product.


CRM Integrations: Strategies and APIs
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CRM Integrations: Strategies and APIs
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