We have DigiGround apps for that.

DigiGround has a team of developers across the mobile app and software development spectrum. From web technologies to cross-platform software solutions and native applications, our DigiGround apps do exactly what you need. See some of the in-house mobile apps we’ve developed by clicking on any of the DigiGround apps below.


Oktion App was created to help charities and non-profit organisations reduce the cost of using a third-party auction app. We found that after paying the fees, these organisations were left with little funds to put towards their cause. Oktion app was born to help organisations run live auctions and raise more funds. Oktion soon expanded to become an app that can be used for any type of auction, not just live silent auctions. DigiGround is also working on developing an Oktion web application to automate the process of setting up auctions, adding auction items and organising RSVPs.

The aim of Oktion is to help organisers build a relationship with their guests and increase the amount raised for their cause. Download the Oktion app on the App Store or Google Play.


youchamp App is an application created entirely in-house by DigiGround. What originally began as a discussion about organising payments internally for everyone’s birthday blossomed over time. Someone would buy a gift for whoever’s birthday it was, post in the app what it was, how much it was and how they paid. And then everyone would pay the amount by cash or direct debit to the buyer. But it blossomed from there into what we have now.

The youchamp app can be used to arrange split bill payments amongst friends and people you know. They can make a direct payment in the app using only your mobile phone number, and everything is tracked with our built-in expense management system. Download the youchamp app now on the App Store or Google Play.