Keeping Your Site Secure

Keeping Your Site Secure


By Preet Brar
June 28, 2018

At Digiground, we take the website security and data privacy of our clients seriously. We make sure that our client’s and customer’s data is secure and adequately protected from the various malicious entities online. Globally, 64% of the companies have experienced web-based attacks at one point or another, and in 2018, 43% of businesses were a victim of a cybersecurity breach. Considering these facts, it is crucial for us to provide comprehensive web security for our clients.

In this article, we provide our readers with a brief glance into how our company goes about securing our clients and their valuable data.

How DigiGround is keeping your data secure

The most common way in which WordPress websites are hacked is by using stolen passwords to login in and then deface/tamper with the website or steal the customer data and their bank account details. An attack like this can erode the trust of the customers, damage their business reputation and even lead to huge financial losses. Therefore, our team at Digiground aims to minimise these risks by using secure passwords for logging into the WordPress admin area, and limiting the number of login attempts that a user can make.

Another way in which your website can be attacked is by building exploits that target the publicly disclosed vulnerabilities that can compromise the security of the website. And as most of the web attacks are executed by exploiting publicly-known vulnerabilities, we can combat this risk by regularly updating the WordPress plugins and applying security patches. Therefore, our tech team at Digiground performs regularly weekly updates and checks to make sure that our client’s sites are fully protected and operational.

In addition to providing a high level of security to our clients, we also regularly back up our client’s websites, so that even if they do experience some data loss or malfunction, we can restore their website back to its original working state and minimise the damage done to the business.

At Digiground, we have integrated these practices into our web development process to deliver highly functional, customised and secure websites to our clients.

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At Digiground, we take your website security and data privacy seriously. Read about how we are keeping your data secure.
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