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Bring your idea to life with our enterprise app development services.


Bring your idea to life with application development services.

Here at DigiGround, we do more than just app development. We also build enterprise apps and platform apps that meet all your goals and needs. We’re the trusted enterprise mobile app developers in Sydney, delivering high-level mobile software to some of the most successful organisations in the country and beyond. Our app development approach champions scalability, usability, flexibility and security with an emphasis on creating lasting results.


End-to-End App Development

We offer customisable, end-to-end app development that covers every aspect of the project, from concept design in to prototype to product delivery. This process can take between 3-12 months, and will depend on your specific needs, available technology and the scale of the project. We can also help build your mobile app strategy and marketing campaign – in fact, that’s the part we like the most! We always want to build something that we’d love to market.


Long-Term Commitment

Most of our clients choose DigiGround as their long-term partner in app development. 95% of app build customers have been with us since the inception of their business applications. We continue our relationship with you even after the project has been delivered. We are committed to your team and will provide strategy, consultation, support and training. Just give us a call whenever you need us, and we will give your app some love.


Personalised App Development

Do you have a mature mobile app strategy and don’t require full development services? Whether you need new application features to be added, an app design refresh or specific technology expertise, we can achieve your mobile app goals. Let us fill in the gaps for you. Almost 30% of our current work involves refactoring existing live apps. This is a very difficult process but at DigiGround, if you love it, we love it! And we’ll make sure that your app is current and functioning on all devices regardless of the age of your device. We support the device if the manufacturer of the device is supporting it, be it Android or iOS.


Mobile App Strategy

Our enterprise app development services include mobile strategy and consultation to help your organisation craft a mobile vision that encompasses short, mid-range and long-term goals. Hence, we focus on everything from ‘must haves’ to ‘can live without’. This way, you get the chance to experience the engagement and usage uptake first, and can generate feedback, before you start betting your business on it. Once you have given your pressure points to DigiGround, we’ll help you with strategy on how to deliver on those goals from a technical perspective, and how to measure success outside of just ROI.


In-House App Development

All our application development is done in-house at our Sydney office. Other than specific technical specifications, such as cloud networking, we never outsource to other app development companies or freelancers. We do this to ensure that all products delivered by us are of the highest quality and that your data and technology is completely secure. We have a team of dedicated developers, of which one lead developer is assigned per project, along with the project manager, for the entire development of the project. And that’s the only way we love to work. Try it and you will love it too!


Custom App Development Capabilities

DigiGround offers Sydney mobile app development services for both customer-facing apps and internal-facing apps. We can customise our app development based on your specific requirements, whether it be project management, staff augmentation or team integration. We work with both cross-platform and native app development and will work alongside you to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. If you want more details about our enterprise app projects,
please contact us.