Meet the

Meet the DigiGround team dedicated to producing ideas that work.

Meet the DigiGround team

Get to know the industry experts you’ll be working with.

The DigiGround team is on a mission to meet your goals and ensure your success. Our collaborative approach means you can benefit from expert services and flexibility without unnecessary overheads. We fuel your business growth with innovative digital media and technology solutions. Meet the faces behind our DigiGround work!

Managing Director

Amjad Khanche will work with you to add all the elements together, in the right sequence to get the best results for your business.

Creative Director

Gokce can stretch the boundaries of design and digital storytelling to help you stand out from the competition.

General Manager

John will make your business dreams come true by working with you on getting you everything you need.

Media Designer

Jon has that unique flair to make brands stand out with photos and videos. He’ll create key visual elements for screen appeal.

Marketing Coordinator

Ivy is the content creator who brings your products closer to your audience, resulting in some serious conversions.

Graphic Designer

Merve is the glue that combines all your messaging with the different modes of digital media to bring your brand to life.

Software Engineer

Brijender, the app developer with a ‘never say die’ attitude. He doesn’t just make apps that work; he makes them mind-blowing.


Filipe is an application developer who helps brands get ideas out of their heads and into an app.

Business Support Officer/Executive Assistant

Yovina has the office running like a finely-tuned machine. She’s integral for managing our business operations.

Sunny Qin

Sunny has over 8 years of experience in accounting. She helps us, and our clients, to keep our finances in check.


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