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Project Description


9East Marketing Services DigiGround Work

A consultancy firm with extensive experience in business management and strategy. 9East Marketing Services has a work portfolio that consists of projects from a range of industries such as education, digital marketing, hospitality, media production, medical imaging, retail and entertainment.

The client offers management, legal and compliance, business and online consultancy. Part of their offering is an audit service which guarantees to streamline and smoothly monitor any business operation. Working with the staff and management, they will help you to improve your processes alongside helping to improve staff functions and relationships.

The client requested a new corporate identity branding starting with a logo, business card and corporate stationary, followed by a new corporate website with clear calls to action with the ability to add new projects in whenever they completed one.

9East Marketing Services DigiGround Work Process

The client had a preference of colours to be used through the branding. Using the chosen red and blue we created logo variations. From this we created business cards, an email signature and stationary.

We then began work on the website. The site was to be a place which informed potential customers of the capabilities of the company. Show the resources available and provide examples of previous project work. It also needed to show how long the company had been established and create a place for people to contact them for consultancy services.

DigiGround wrote all the copy for the About us, Services and Projects pages. And designed and coded the website.  We worked with the client to ensure a smooth delivery within the time frame supplied.


 Address: Level 3, 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

 Phone: 02 8259 0311

 Email: connect@digiground.com.au

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