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Project Description


Art of Chi DigiGround Work

Art of Chi has an Etsy store from which they sell handcrafted jewellery in Australia. All their jewellery is design and made by Artiz Jewelry in Turkey. They needed design, color palette, logo and a web page to advertise their store and drive traffic to their Etsy store.

There was a time clock on this job as the store was ready to go and the owners of Art of Chi needed to get online as quickly as possible. The team banded together to build the webpage very quickly with all the design and development completed as well as taking photos of every single piece of jewellery that needed to go into the shop.

Art of Chi Work Process

We utilised the skills of a designer, a developer and a photographer working together in a single team to first work out the unique selling point for the store. Looking at the offerings from Art of Chi, the most amazing thing was that each piece was unique and handcrafted by the designers at Artiz Jewelry. We then wanted to create an engaging logo with a color palette that could highlight the imagery and items offered by Art of Chi.

Our photographer set up and took over 300 photos in a single day, which allowed the designer to choose the color palette and logo and work on the design. The developer built the wireframes while all this was going on.

Each team member completed their first part at the same time, and then banded together to fill in the blank spots on the web site. Content, both text and imagery was inserted and the pages were tweaked to be ready to drive people to the shop on the Etsy store.