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youchamp is an application created entirely in house by DigiGround. What originally began as a discussion about organising payments internally for everyone’s birthday blossomed over time. Originally we called it “GiftApp” and it was going to be an app we use solely for the purpose of organising birthdays. Someone would buy a gift for whoever’s birthday it was, post in the app what it was, how much it was and how they paid. And then everyone would pay the amount by cash or direct debit to the buyer. But it blossomed from there into what we have now.

youchamp App DigiGround Work Process

Originally we brainstormed internally the best way to make sure everyone’s birthday gifts were purchased and split evenly amongst the team. But then someone came up with the idea of adding in credit card payments in there. So we put together the wireframe Adobe XD and were meant to build a quick and easy app just for our own use in a couple of weeks. Someone suggested we use a ready made app, but none of them seemed to suit our purpose.

We wanted a way to be able to chat and respond, we wanted a way to pay in the app, but also pay by cash or direct debit. We wanted to be able to organise multiple presents at once (we have 3 birthdays in March). Then one day we went out to a dinner and after everyone had paid their way, we were a few dollars short. We couldn’t remember who had paid what and who had taken what change, so we decided to add on the fly group creation to the app.

Then, when at a charity event, we all wanted to donate some money to the charity, and wanted to track who had paid what, and so on the fly, no target, no limit groups were theorised, with the option for the person who arranged the group to be able to cash out whenever they wanted.

Finally, someone said “But I don’t have any room on my phone and don’t want to download another app.” So, we went back to the drawing board and added on online payment portal through a web page, but also the ability to add users at any time.

Once we were through all the options, we realised, this wasn’t just an internal app any more, and instead we needed to share this with everyone. So a name was created. youchamp! Because when you pay your mate, you’re a champion. We created a website, a logo and everything else an awesome app needs.

Download youchamp now on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

youchamp App
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youchamp App
youchamp App is an application made by DigiGround to organise group payments and chat about it. Organise equal splits, unequal splits and more.
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