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John Luhr
August 25, 2021

2020 was a difficult year for a lot of businesses and industries. One that was harshly affected was the dating app industry. Due to worldwide lockdowns, people were unable to meet each other, establish new relationships or do anything in person basically. Some sources reported a reduction of as much as 67% in usage.

But that didn’t stop some explosive happenings in the industry. Development and improvements were rife, with a few applications adding voice and video calls to combat the inability to use their apps as intended. And Bumble was able to raise $2.1B in an initial public offering.

Puppi Lovers Dating App

DigiGround was lucky to have been selected by Shane Mann to create his dating application Puppi Lovers (https://puppilovers.com/). Shane originally thought of the application while on a beach in the USA. After being an avid user of dating apps, he realised that “Every second person has a dog in their profile pic” but, as he wasn’t a dog owner, he found it increasingly difficult to understand the world of dog ownership.

“People who own dogs are different,” he said, “They care about their dogs, the dogs are their best friends. Their pets are not pets anymore, they are family members and people need to manage their lives around them.” And so Puppi Lovers was born.

Puppi Lovers is a dating app unlike other apps. It’s for people who have dogs and want to meet other dog owners. Users have to validate their profile by posting a video of themselves and their dogs as part of their profile. They create their own profile, but they ALSO create a profile for their dog (or dogs).

DigiGround worked directly with Shane to scope, design and develop and application not just for dating, but for dog people. There are some amazing add on features that are available in the app to make it more than just for dating.

Puppi Lovers is more than a dating app

The application has a Doggy Directory, where users can find dog friendly locations around them. Future development will include user generated content allowing dog friendly locations to list themselves, and people to add information about dog friendly locations around them.

There’s a benefits sections where businesses can partner with Puppi Lovers to offer the subscribers additional benefits like discounts and special offers. Subscribers to the application can find locations around them that are offering specials and take advantage of them.

One of the problems or roadblocks that Shane wanted to overcome was that once people are in relationships, they have no use for dating apps. But there are so many other benefits available to being a member of Puppi Lovers that we wanted to make sure users could continue to use the app. And so was born the profile merge function. When people are together, they can both create a profile and merge them. They’ll both stop appearing in dating matches, but they get to take advantage of the other functions and benefits.

Users can list themselves as looking for friendship with other people who love dogs, or even looking for friends for their dogs.

Puppi Lovers isn’t just a dog dating app or a dating app for dog owners. Puppi Lovers aims to become the number community of dog lovers in the world.

You can download Puppi Lovers now on Google Play and the App Store, or sign up on the website. Puppi Lovers is currently being featured on KIIS 106.5 in multiple locations and the user base is rapidly growing. Sign up now to receive 3 months of premium membership for absolutely nothing.

Watch out soon as Puppi Lovers launches in multiple countries and locations around the world.


Featured App - Puppi Lovers
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Featured App - Puppi Lovers
Puppi Lovers is a dating app for dog owners. DigiGround developed in 2020 and has launched in 2021.
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