Features You
Need In Your App

Features You
Need In Your App


Ivy Buddee
August 11, 2020

You want your mobile app development to be a success. So, what app design elements and features do you need to make your app intuitive, useful, practical and fun to use? Our latest blog covers some features you need in your app.

Features You Need In Your App

Social networking functions

Social media sharing isn’t just for memes. Social media has now become the key way to communicate and collaborate with other people online. Make this seamless and easy for your users by adding a social sharing functionality to your mobile app.

Search bar

Give your app a search bar so users can easily and quickly find what they need. If your app has a lot of content, it can be difficult and cumbersome to access specific information. Most top-tier apps feature a search bar that allows users to find content that contains key phrases relevant to what they need. This makes the app accessible and convenient to use.

Reduce keyboard use

It’s easy for users to type when they are using a keyboard and mouse. But this isn’t the case with mobile apps. Design your app in a way that minimises the use of the keyboard. Instead, give users a more touch-based experience.

Support different screen sizes

Making your mobile app display compatible for just Android and/or Apple devices is no longer enough. App developers need to consider the range of mobile sizes available, from mini and compact sized phones to oversize variants of popular phones to large tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is even the size of a small tablet. Make sure your mobile app design is responsive so that all users can experience your app.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when you develop a mobile app that users will love. If you are planning a mobile app build, please talk to us at DigiGround. Our Sydney app developers will make your app development a success!

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Features you Need in Your App
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Features you Need in Your App
You want your app to be a success. So, what are the features you need in your app to make it intuitive, useful, practical and fun to use?
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