How Blogs Will Boost
Your SEO

How Blogs Will Boost
Your SEO


By Ivy Buddee
May 6, 2019

We always tell our clients that if they’re not doing anything, they should be blogging. That’s because blogging is a big part of search engine optimisation (SEO). It doesn’t matter what type of website you have; if you want someone to find it, you need appear in search engines. And great way to do that is by blogging.

How blogs will boost your SEO

Does blogging really help your SEO? Yes. Yes, it does. But just having a blog isn’t itself the SEO-booster. Blogging is important because it helps with many of the things that do improve your search engine rankings. It’s all about updating regularly and writing on topics relevant to your business and customers.

Google doesn’t want to give its users outdated information. If a website isn’t updated regularly, that signals Google that the website is no longer trustworthy and doesn’t offer fresh content. Avoid getting debunked by updating your website frequently. What’s the easiest way to update your website? By blogging. It also gets your website indexed more often, keeping you on the search engine’s radar for a longer period.

Are your visitors leaving your website too soon? Write a few blogs. You see, Google cares about giving their users information they want. If someone bounces from the first search engine result, that tells Google that the website isn’t helpful. But if someone clicks on a website and sticks around for a while, that tells Google that the website is relevant. Having blogs on your website gives visitors a reason to stay for a while to finish reading the post.

Do you want to show up for certain keywords, but don’t know how to fit them into your website content? Blogging will help. Write a blog titled “do I need a locksmith” or blog about how you’re the “best locksmith in Sydney”. It’ll help you drive more traffic from your target audience, especially if you make it onto the first page.

A lot of SEO is about link building. Not including internal links on your webpages is a reason your website might fail to rank. Blogging gives you good internal linking possibilities. You can use them to strategically anchor text so that Google knows what each page is about. This will strength its connect to the keyword you’re targeting.

Now that you know why you should be blogging, go out there and start writing your articles! If you don’t know where to start, or don’t have time and resources to blog, we can help. Our marketing team can provide blog writing services to improve your SEO results.


How blogs will boost your SEO
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How blogs will boost your SEO
How will blogs boost your SEO? Blogging is important because it helps with many of the things that DO improve your search engine rankings.
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