How Email
Marketing Works

How Email
Marketing Works


Ivy Buddee
November 02, 2020

DigiGround is proud to advise we can help you with all your email marketing campaigns! We are the best at what we do because we know how to break through the clutter. We can help your emails to stand out from the rest with great designs and Call-to-Actions.

How Email Marketing Works

We make sure your emails won’t be viewed as spam. How do they do that? you may ask. We look at all aspects of an email and utilise all fields of your email marketing including the To, From and Subject headings whilst using a trusted method of A/B testing. Our service doesn’t stop there.  We will do a full analysis of your campaign to measure the effectiveness.  You can be sure that you will be happy with the results. Our campaigns help to generate leads so that in no time, you can be speaking with your loyal customers.

How email marketing works?

Email marketing campaigns work by first sourcing the best leads (we can help you here). We can either help you acquire them or if you have a pre-existing database we can start from there too.

Campaigns include utilising key marketing communication strategies, which encompass powerful allegorical images, captivating colour or thought to provoke creatives. Effective subject headings are written and tested to get the best click through rate, while delivering your all-important overall message and we’ll segment your message based on the clients or target audience you are wanting to connect with, for more targeted communication.

From a successful email campaign, you can build brand awareness, sell products, insight interest, get valuable feedback, gain new customers… the list is endless.

3 steps to running a successful campaign

Step 1 – First consultation is a discovery session. We’ll get important company background information, discuss your current situation and what you would like to achieve.

We’ll pinpoint your ultimate goal, whether you are looking to create brand awareness, generate more customers or just promote a new service or product.  The more insight we gain in this process the more successful the campaign.

Step 2 – After we have developed a creative message, we will use all of our resources to find the right design elements.  These include picking the right colours, text, picture and subject headings.  Sounds easy right? Believe us, there’s a knack to breaking through inbox clutter.

Step 3 – After this is done, we will track the effectiveness of the campaign.  This means we will analyse the reach of your campaign by measuring how many clicks, opens and shares you have had. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Get started now to see for yourself how email marketing works. Give us a call or book a consultation with our digital expert now.


How Email Marketing Works
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How Email Marketing Works
We can help your emails to stand out from the rest with great designs and Call-to-Actions. Here's a look at how email marketing works.
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