How To Get Your IOS
App Approved

How To Get Your IOS
App Approved


By Ivy Buddee
June 21, 2019

You’ve put hours and hours into developing your iOS app – but your job isn’t done yet. You still need to submit it to the Apple App Store. But before you submit your app, there are a few things you need to do to increase the chances of getting your app approved.

How to get your iOS app approved

First things first: make sure you’ve read the App Store Review Guidelines. It doesn’t tell you exactly what your app could get rejected for, but it has a good outline of what to include (and avoid) in your app.

Testing time

Are your menu items linking to the correct sections? Do elements load smoothly? Are you displaying intrusive ads? Testing is a critical step in your app development process. And there are lots of elements that tell Apple that you haven’t thoroughly tested your app. Make sure you’ve tested your app properly! We suggest using Apple’s TestFlight – it makes it easy for you to find users to test your apps and give you feedback before you submit anything.

What if your app gets rejected?

Even if you’ve tested your app and read through the guidelines, there’s still a chance your app will get rejected. This can happen when the guidelines weren’t understood properly, or some suggestions were ignored. Some reasons for app store rejection include:

  • Bugs and crashes
  • Broken links
  • Misleading users
  • Incorrect placement of privacy policy
  • Placeholder text
  • Disregarding standard Apple functionality
  • Slow response time
  • Incorrect use of file systems and storage
  • Substandard user interface
  • Repeat submission of similar apps
  • Inappropriate use of ads

If your app gets rejected – don’t panic! Apple won’t hold anything against you. Lots of apps get rejected from the App Store at first. But after fixing their issues, they were accepted. Sometimes these are minor issues with an easy fix. Read through the reason why your app was rejected and make sure you fix it. Acquaint yourself with the guidelines and make sure every aspect of your app was designed and developed in relation to them.

Have you experienced an App Store rejection? Share your story in the comments below.

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How to get your iOS app approved
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How to get your iOS app approved
Before you submit your iOS app to the App Store, there are a few things you need to do to increase the chances of getting your app approved.
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