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Mehfooz Abbasi
November 5, 2021

We recently saw a post on a forum about a guy who did some marketing for an app, and it did very poorly. The reason why the marketing failed is that he didn't know how to market something. So here's an article listing down how to market an application.

As an app developer in Sydney, we try our best to provide everything you need to know to succeed in your application development. In continuation of our application development suggestions, here are 9 crucial tips for marketing an application after the development process.

9 Tips To Market An Application

Know your application: It's important that you know exactly what your app does so you can tell people about it, and so you can tell them what to do. If your app helps people in some way, then let them know how it does this.

Think of ways to market your app: There are dozens of millions of ways to market an application, but you have to come up with them yourself.

Make a list of important things: Make a list of all the important things in your application, then put them in priority order, with one being the most important and ten being least important.

Know when to contact people: If you want something done, then do it at the right time. If it is very early or very late in the day, then do it tomorrow or the day after. It's not so important so you can do it whenever, but if you want always to be ahead of your competition and get things done before they do them, then always do them at the right time.

Write articles about your app: If you write an article about what people can do with your app and how it can help them, then more people will buy it.

Take screenshots of your app and show them off: If you need screenshots for the web or an article about your application, then take some screenshots of things that would be nice to see before you release it to people.

Give away a free trial version: If you want to give away a free trial version of your application, then just upload it somewhere and send the download link to people.

Provide support for your customers: If you are selling an app, then make sure that there is complete support for your customers. If they need help with downloading or using it, make sure they can get in contact with you very quickly.

Promote your app on Facebook and Twitter: If you want to promote an application you made, then make a Facebook or Twitter page. You can also cross-promote an app by making pages for other apps so people who use one will know about the other ones, but this is optional.

After you have released your application, make a mega blog post about it. Make a post with every important thing there is to know about the app, and make sure you say everything that should be said. If other people see this page, then they will know what the app does and how it works, so more people will buy it.

That's it! 9 tips on how to market your application. I hope you enjoyed the read and that these tips help you in some way with marketing your app or software. If they did, then tell me in the comments below what happened when you tried them out.

Thanks for reading!


How To Market Your App
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How To Market Your App
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