How To
Start A Blog

How To
Start A Blog


By Ivy Buddee
October 26, 2017

Blogging is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to promote your business. To be successful, you need to be 100% dedicated to your blog. If you’re a serial procrastinator, it’s easy to push blogging to the side, giving yourself the excuse that there’s nothing to write about. But if you know your target audience, there’s always something out there to write about.

How to start a blog

Write for your audience

Your blog isn’t for you, just like your website isn’t. It’s for your audience, so make sure you’re writing for them. Ideally, aim to solve common problems they have or offer a fresh look into your industry.

Have a plan

Many small businesses don’t have a blog because they lack the time and ideas. But with a little bit of planning, you can come up with enough blog ideas to last you weeks or even months. Blogs can be about common topics brought up by your audience. For example, if you run a real estate company, you can write a blog about what to look out for when choosing an investment property. You can also use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out what keywords your target audience is searching for the most. Use these keywords as your blog topic and even include them in your content to drive more traffic to your blog. The real estate company I mentioned, for example, based on a Google keyword research, could title their blog as ‘how to buy an investment property’.

Write useful content

What’s the point of reading a blog if it has nothing to offer? Think about what your blog can do differently and what useful information you can give your audience. This is how you position yourself as an authority in your industry. Additionally, this will give your readers a reason to keep coming back to your blog.

Be consistent

Consistency is key! While the frequency of your posts is up to you, it’s important that you keep your blogging schedule consistent. If you want to blog once a week, do so. Don’t make the mistake of blogging once every few months, or starting a blog and then abandoning it halfway. The more often your blog is updated, the higher your search engine rank climbs. This will give you more visibility for your audience.

So where do you start?

Look at blogs by others in your industry for inspiration. Write down notes on what you like and what you don’t like; what you think your blog will include and what you think your audience needs to know. Starting is the hardest part of any project, but once you begin it’ll only get easier.


How to Start a Blog
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How to Start a Blog
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