Is Your SEO
Up To Scratch?

Is Your SEO
Up To Scratch?


Ivy Buddee
November 23, 2020

DigiGround will make sure your website is optimised for all search engines. This basically means that you will appear on Google (or other search engines) first above all your competitors. We will analyse your website and customer base to help pick the best keywords which are suited to reach your clientele. They will turn into your loyal customers in no time. Be sure, we’ll utilise our vast experience in search engine optimisation (SEO) management to setup your website so that search engines find it first.

Is Your SEO up to Scratch?

SEO is the art of editing your webpage content (text and imagery) to make sure that your entire website is appearing on search engines when your potential customers are looking for your products or services. You need to make sure your individual pages are set up correctly with relevant information to make sure that your page is appearing in search engines properly. There is no fact in SEO. Everything you read and everything you see is theories and guesses. The only thing that can be 100% confirmed is, search engines look at what is on your webpage.

That said, we at DigiGround pay close attention to everything that every search engine company is saying and make sure we are closely matching what they say are best practices. We will work on your website to make sure every page has the best possible content and is functioning technically in the best possible way for searches to find you. And most importantly, when they do find you, that they come to your page.

3 steps to getting your SEO up to scratch

Step 1 – Using research and analytics (and also a little bit of guess work) we work out how you are currently found on search engines, and also what terms your visitors are using just before they convert to customers. We’ll need to talk to you to find this out.

Step 2 – We’ll analyse your website structure and adjust the SEO content to make sure that your customers can find and will click on your links. We’ll make sure that your SEO management is top-notch, and your website is how it should be.

Step 3 – We’ll monitor your website for issues and start making sure everyone linking to your website is helping you move up the rankings on all search engines. We’ll report to you what we’ve done and how it has helped you.

Start climbing the ranks. Contact us now to make sure your SEO is up to scratch!


Is Your SEO up to Scratch?
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Is Your SEO up to Scratch?
We'll make sure your SEO is up to scratch. We'll make sure every webpage has the best possible content and is functioning technically.
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