Kim Kardashian:
Marketing Genius

Kim Kardashian:
Marketing Genius

Lily Pattie
April 7th, 2016

Once upon a time in the so-called glamorous world of Hollywood, there lived a woman called Kim Kardashian. Kim was very powerful. With an empire showcasing one of the best marketing practices in the world. Right now, you may be thinking ‘hold on, isn’t she the one that made a sex tape to be famous?’ Uh yeah, that’s right, she did, but these days her empire is worth squillions so that sex tape may have been one of the starting points of her career, but it is not quite the case anymore.  Marketers should aspire to have their brands like hers.  Here’s why.

Be Like Kim Kardashian

The history of Kim Kardashian is a very public one.  The quick version is it started with her father Robert Kardashian, representing the infamous OJ Simpson in court, then moved on to Kim becoming a personal stylist to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (in their heydays) to where she is now; a savvy marketing genius.

She is literally a human brand, wandering around the planet with heels on.  If Kim decides to put her name on a brand, app, business or television show it is guaranteed to be valued in the six-figure range within six months. All you need to do is look at her business track record.  She has owned multiple successful businesses including television shows, clothing stores, endorsement deals, cosmetic lines and apps.  At what cost, though?

Everything Kim does is documented, scripted and controlled. All her actions, have to run through public relations, marketing and production specialists to the point where she becomes a commodity rather than a human being. The reason behind this is because her name (which is literally her brand) instantly becomes dollar bills.  So, if she is associated with the wrong group of people or company her brand is immediately effected. Sounds like my sort of hell but hey, she is the squillionaire living the glam life.

If you are brave enough to sit through a whole episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you will notice that some brands have been blurred out.  This is because those companies have not paid the product placement costs to be in the television show.

Want to know what it costs to promote your product on one episode? Just a casual $20,000 per episode will get your product in the background of an episode or, if Kim herself is holding the product in her hand then that will be an additional $20,000. Sounds pretty nice to be Kim hey?

Then there’s the revenue she captures through her social channels.  With a casual 49,734,387 twitter followers on her account, it’s no wonder companies want her to send one tweet to all her minions mentioning their products. The brand exposure is ginormous!  In fact, you can bet those companies she mentions would have paid tens of thousands, just to be mentioned.  That’s a business there, my friends.

So there you go, Kim’s the pinnacle of marketing success.  If there is one campaign that has gone viral over and over it is in fact, Kim Kardashian, the human marketing centipede.  If you need a marketing strategy in the same league as Kim’s, then give us a call and we will provide a campaign that is sure to set your advertising on fire.


Kim Kardashian: Marketing Genius
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Kim Kardashian: Marketing Genius
Kim Kardashian may have become famous through nontraditional means, but what she has done since, has turned her into the world's best brand.
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