Best Logo Designs
Of 2017

Best Logo Designs
Of 2017

By Ivy Buddee
December 11, 2017

Less is more. Logo designs are much simpler today, with lines, shapes and type used to create something memorable and easy to interpret. Major companies like Skype, Converse and Mastercard all rebranded their logos this year to reflect the trend of simplicity.

This year’s logo designs weren’t so much an innovation as they were a continuation of the trending designs of last year. But that’s not a bad thing. Here’s a look at some of the major design trends of 2017.

The best logo designs of 2017

Simple designs

As we’ve already discussed, simplification has been popping up all over the place this year. Both Airbnb and Skype rebranded their designs for a more minimal and organised feel. It’s made the logos a lot less busy and messy.


Basic colours

Have you noticed that logos are using fewer colours these days? No? Well, that’s because using simple colours can make logos look more colourful. Using a simple design allows each colour to stand out. Have a look at the NCTA logo for example. Its colour palette makes the design much more recognisable and instantly eye-grabbing.


Broken lines

Using broken lines follows the simplicity trend. It helps the logo to communicate a sense of openness and transparency, telling customers they can trust the company. The new Open View logo does exactly this by making its ‘O’ look open.



While geometric shapes have been trending for quite some time now, the way they’re used today is a little different. These designs tend to reflect an aspect of the company. For example, Big Delve, an online gardening and landscaping magazine, has given their logo a shape that resembles hanging planters.



Think of Mastercard’s famous logo and its overlay of shapes and colours. These types of logos can make it look as though two things are coming together to form something new, suggesting that there’s a strength in combining the two.



Humans lean towards things that look familiar. That’s why using a pattern in your design evokes this feeling. Just have a look at the Ministry of Sound’s new logo. Using a memorable pattern is an easy way to create brand recognition.


Each logo design represents hours of thinking and drafting to create something that will awe us with its creativity and uniqueness. It’s been interesting to see all the rebranding that’s occurred this year. Who knows what next year’s trends will be?

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Best Logo Designs of 2017
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Best Logo Designs of 2017
Logo designs are much simpler today. But that’s not a bad thing. Here’s a look at some of the major design trends of 2017.
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