Managing a
Successful Team

Managing a
Successful Team


John Luhr
September 1st, 2016

For more than 20 years I’ve been in management or supervisor roles that started when I was 15 years old and became the youngest Crew Trainer in the history of Pizza Hut. I was actually considered a Manager/Shift Supervisor, but this was in the days of dine-in and alcohol being served. So I wasn’t old enough to supervise the liquor license and couldn’t be an official manager.

In my long working life I have learnt so many things about supervising staff, managing individuals and most importantly managing a team. I find the most important thing to be managing the individuals well, so that the team members will be happy. There is a fine line though between concentrating too much on the individuals and it can make you miss out on the team.

The DigiGround team has to be by far my favourite group of people I have ever had the privilege to manage. The creativity and uniqueness of each individual brings together an almost perfect symbiotic team dynamic that I have not seen matched ever.

Each person brings their own individual strengths to the team which perfectly counterbalance the weakness of another team member. Take Lily for instance, she’s young, creative, super enthusiastic and a fantastic addition to the group. But, because of her youth, she can see almost no value in the more traditional marketing platforms like radio, television and print. She is so wrapped up in the analytics (which she is an absolute expert at), she doesn’t like these types of advertising medium that “can not be tracked” (her words, not mine).

Then we have Enrique, who’s been around for longer than me, almost 30 years in businesses. Ricky has run successful teams and businesses even before there was the internet and there was ONLY traditional marketing avenues. He’s spent years working in marketing and business solutions for growth and has been successful doing it. Ricky can sometimes forget the digital methods, and loves the more traditional methods. AND, he knows how to track them.

Together Ricky and Lily can combine to create a marketing plan for a business which can match any budget for any industry.

By working with the rest of the team, they’re able to build towards any solution needed to help anyone to achieve the business goals.

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Managing a Successful Team
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Managing a Successful Team
Read about how for more than 20 years John Luhr has been in management or supervisor roles that started when he was 15 years old.
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