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App Development


Ivy Buddee
December 14, 2020

You have an amazing app idea, but how do you turn it into an actual app that your users will love? Adding to our previous blog, here are more app development FAQs that are often asked by our clients when they first come to us for app development in Sydney. Hopefully, these answers will help you on your journey!

App Development FAQs

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The cost of your development work will depend on the complexity of your app. The more complex the features, the more your app might cost. Try our free app estimator to calculate the approximate cost of building your Minimum Viable Product (MvP).

How long does it take to develop an app?

Similar to the price, the time it takes to develop your app will depend on its complexity. While we can definitely build an app quickly if you need it urgently, it does take time to ensure that the UI/UX design is smooth. We also need to perform various tests and soft launches before your app can go live.

Is an NDA needed?

We recognise and understand that you may need to certain aspects of your idea confidential. DigiGround is more that happy to provide a signed NDA should you need one.

Fixed quote or ongoing costs?

We always provide a fixed quote for any app development work we do once we have a clear understanding of your app requirements and functionality. Hourly rates only apply for future app maintenance work as well as work that is out of scope.

Should I build a native or hybrid app?

This really depends on what you need your app to do. We can help you make a decision once we understand your app idea.

You can click here to read more about native app development or click here to learn about hybrid app development.

Why choose DigiGround?

  • Our entire app development team is based in Sydney.
  • All our apps are developed on shore and we never outsource.
  • We have over 100 years of combined experience.
  • You can communicate directly with our development team, not an accounts manager.
  • We guide you step by step through the development stages.

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered, we are more than happy to help you out. Get in touch with us anytime to chat about app development in Sydney.


App Development FAQs
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App Development FAQs
Here are more app development FAQs that are often asked by our clients when they first come to us for application development in Sydney.
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