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Wanderess Beauty is a subscription model business that aims to educate customers and create an easy and stress-free way to switch to natural, cruelty-free and toxin-free beauty products. They offer a Wild Beauty Discovery Box, which is the world’s first comparison green beauty box.


DigiGround started working with Wanderess Beauty by providing a full day branding workshop. In the workshop, we helped determine their brand message and target audience segments, as well as align the goals of each of the employees.

From here we made suggestions for SEO including keywords, a nurture program, online and offline advertising, launch strategy and provided a 12-month marketing plan. Following this, DigiGround designed and developed a branded ecommerce website for Wanderess Beauty.

DigiGround Work Process

The DigiGround team started by creating website layouts for each of the required pages. These were then provided to an external designer who was employed by Wanderess Beauty. Each webpage was highly customised to drive conversions to the subscription box page, which would be the main revenue driver for the company.

The external designer created each page and the web designs were provided to DigiGround to be converted into a website. The website included a portfolio section to display videos, imagery and text for 11 categories of content; a shopping cart for payments with shipping cart specifications; a directory for affiliate partners; and the opportunity to capture a mailing list throughout the website via popup triggers and forms.

DigiGround’s graphic designers added and edited over 100 images for the site, and did a design audit on the website structure, fonts, layouts and imagery.

DigiGround continued to work with Wanderess Beauty over the following year, providing hosting and working to a maintenance agreement, whereby our web team works on the website on a weekly basis. During our maintenance time, we provide website support that involves work such as optimising the site speed, ensuring all website links are working, and keeping all plugins and themes updated.


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