As we’ve covered previously, there’s a lot you can learn about audience engagement from successful social media accounts. Here’s a quick look at the practices every successful brand follows.

Practices every successful brand follows

They post regularly. And we’re not talking about once a day – many of these brands are posting 5-6 times a day, with a two-hour window between each post. Photos accounted for 93% of posts, while videos made up the remaining 7%.

They upload multiple images and share them as a single post. These posts are usually the ones that get the most engagement – about 1.63 times the average engagement rate of a video post.

They specialise their hashtags. Look at the hashtags being used by popular brands, and you’ll see that they’re unique to the brand (#supregirlgang) or a specific campaign (#movenourishbelieve). This enables fans to find related content or to add their own contributions.

They inspire a cult-like following. Kylie Cosmetics, in particular, has developed a community of fans by creating a feeling of belonging to an exclusive club. They do this by reposting fan content and keeping them up to date with the latest news and discounts.

They have an aesthetic. People like following accounts that post a consistent look. While most posts are about their products, brands often use beautiful landscapes, decorations or travel destinations. They aren’t promoting just their products – they’re also promoting a culture and lifestyle around their brand.

They post giveaways. This is a popular tactic among successful brands, with giveaways being amongst their most popular posts. A lot of the time these giveaways encourage engagement by asking fans to post an emoji; follow and tag two of their friends; or repost the giveaway on their own profile.

They use influencers. Many brands use Instagram influencers to promote their products. It also helps followers to build a connection to the brand if the influencer is someone they look up to.

They really go all in. Their posts are focused on their products, and often feature people, pop culture, animals, interesting stories or trending memes. When seasonal events come along, such as Halloween or Christmas, they’re always quick to post related content.

They follow social media trends. Doing this shows that you value what your followers care about, and creates a positive effect online. For example, posting images of diverse models with stretch marks and no makeup. Or images of men wearing beauty products and women with tattoos.

We’re not saying you must include these practices to be successful on Instagram. These are just practices that have been successful for many brands. Think about which of these resonates with your audience and the type of brand you want to be, and adjust your strategy where necessary.

Practices Every Successful Brand Follows
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Practices Every Successful Brand Follows
What are the practices every successful brand follows? Think about which of these resonates with your audience and the type of brand you want to be and adjust your strategy where necessary.
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