SEO Tips For The
App Store

SEO Tips For The
App Store


By Ivy Buddee
July 18, 2019

Do you have an app on the Apple App Store? Of course, you will want to get your app to the top of search results and onto top charts rankings. But it doesn’t happen by itself. You’ll need to do some good SEO work to get your app up there. Here’s how.

SEO Tips for App Store

App icon

For many businesses, the app icon is a second thought. But most users are influenced by images. And your app icon is the first thing they’ll see of your product. Put some effort into designing a catchy icon to get your mobile users enticed.

Title tag

Use a title tag that sells. This is the second most valuable SEO tactic for the App Store. Make sure your app title tag is just as enticing as the title tag for your website. Keep your branding at the front and centre – that includes your app name, top keywords and a short description.

App description

The biggest mistake any app publisher can make is to not put together a strong description that tells your budding users exactly what they want to know. Just like your website, you should have an above the fold description, followed by a more detailed and authoritative description. You need a title tag to lead users to your app, an icon to make them click and a description to make them download and install.

Actionable images

When you click on an app in the App Store, you’ll notice that many of them include screenshots of their features. This is a great, but you can go a step further by making actionable images. Create graphics of your app in action, then add text, arrows and other actionable things to highlight different features. This gives your potential user an idea of how they can use your app, which can increase your install chances.

Keyword optimisation

Just like your website, SEO keyword optimisation is important for our app. It’s a lot harder to do keyword optimisation in the App Store since you have limited characters and most users will only look at the first two or three lines. How do you optimise your keywords, then? Identify which keywords are searched for the most, make sure you’re not trying to rank for keywords that large companies are already ranking for, and use commas instead of spaces between keywords.

Want a more detailed guide to App Store SEO? Let us know and you might see one on the blog soon!


SEO tips for the App Store
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SEO tips for the App Store
Of course you want to get your app to the top of App Store search results. But it doesn’t happen by itself. These SEO tips will help.
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