Sports Statistics
Web or Mobile App

Sports Statistics
Web or Mobile App


Joel Magin
July 05, 2021

In terms of mobile market audience, you might be surprised to learn that they have a leader base than education, finance and dating apps. Nearly two-thirds of sports fans between 18 and 35 consume sports-related content through their mobile apps.

Developing a Sports Statistics Web or Mobile App with DigiGround

Startups willing to enter the sports marketplace have opportunities to build strong user bases if they can get the purpose of the app right. Media departments understand that by focusing on the sports industry they can quickly build an audience, whether it is community or location based.

Sports statistics apps come in various shapes and sizes. Most fit into at least one of the following types:

Sports aggregator apps tend to work with larger audiences as they cater for as many popular sports as possible, gather all news, highlights, events and results in a single place.

Dedicated sports apps focus on individual sports but generally they go into more details on players, matches, statistics and review highlights of matches. Some have community features allowing messaging (to voice your opinion), profiling and polls and surveys.

Fantasy sports apps is a type of app that aims to have you competing to showcase your knowledge through sports forecasts for different sports, competitions, leagues and player updates.

Sports betting apps are self-explanatory when it comes to purpose, however, they do come in many shapes and sizes and because of a need for gambling licenses are normally location specific, even if their content is not.

Core features for a sports statistic app may include:

Newsfeed that has the latest sports information. This will usually require some integration with popular sports news portals. After which, we may filter news dependent on profile of an individual or on ‘trending’ news.

Real-time score updates are for users who cannot watch the streams on TV or online. Around three-quarters of sports fans aged 18-35 like to get real-time score updates.

Community features are where lots of apps are moving because of the way we are communicating as a society. The ability to add comments, group discussions, chat rooms allow users to interact with each other and to discuss what’s happening in real time. Many allow users to share the content outside of the app (on Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook).

User profiles that contain personal information in order for the app to tailor the experience according to individual preferences.

Push notifications can help keep users up to date with the latest events. Many developers are careful to not over use notifications. Reminders about upcoming matches are justified, while informing them about your app or news, should be done via email.

Sports selection, customising a user interface to remove information that is not relevant to them is important. Slickness around the sports selection feature is excellent for achieving the right balance for an app.

Schedules for every match is proven to bring users back to your app.

Multiple payment systems help users with money transfer and management. If you are planning to create a sports betting app, you need secure and fast payment systems within your app.


Sports Statistics Web or Mobile App
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