Unified Service
Desk Solution

Unified Service
Desk Solution

Bhavin Patel
August 15th, 2018

It hardly matters what your business size is, the only aspect that one cannot afford to neglect is effective communication with the customer.

Businesses today face many challenges trying to attend to client issues. Often this is due to a lack of a unified view of the customer data and business process knowledge.

Imagine running a call centre for an insurance company. During the course of the day, your call centre receives calls from people wanting to buy a new policy, wanting to get their service changed, calling with billing questions and much much more.

Typically, the business might have different groups of staff managing particular sections and making calls back and forth to deal with the queries. Your clients will appreciate if there is one customer service representative able to handle multiple call types. It would mean all their problems could be solved in one place. This is possible with Unified Service Desk (USD). USD can also support a transfer to other service representatives as needed, without losing context of call.

What is Unified Service Desk (USD)?

USD is a solution that can hook into virtually any other software in your enterprise, and bring relevant information to the front in a standardised and trainable manner.


Advantages of USD

  • Users have a single application to learn and use, for performing customer related tasks.
  • Configuring through CRM reduces the need for custom code and the cost of building agent applications.
  • Security within USD uses the same security model within CRM.
  • USD leverages UII framework to build applications based on CRM or other software.
  • Call scripting is easily configured based on content that can pull-in data from CRM.

DigiGround can setup and support call centre solutions, provide custom CRM solutions and assist to configure USD for enterprise applications based on your business needs. Contact us and we can work closely with your business.


Unified Service Desk Solution
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Unified Service Desk Solution
Imagine calling up and getting all your queries answered at once! A unified service desk is the best way to streamline your business and please customers.
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