Why Nobody is
Reading your Content

Why Nobody is
Reading your Content


By Ivy Buddee
September 11, 2019

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you just can’t seem to create hype-worthy content. You write blogs, make videos, do things on social media… but none of it is getting you very far. Sadly, content isn’t enough to market your business. And if no one is engaging with your content, then you’re wasting your time and resources. Of course, content marketing is effective. But only if you’re doing it right.

Why Nobody is Reading your Content

#1 – You don’t have a strategy.

A lot of marketers do this. They don’t think strategically about what the audience wants. What they need to do is put some intention behind the content they’re creating. Otherwise, the disconnect will make it hard for your audience to understand what you want them to do.

#2 – You don’t know your audience.

When you create content, who do you hope will engage with it? Identify your audience and create content for them specifically. Narrow your focus to make deeper connections. Then you can start seeing better results from your content.

#3 – You’re pitching too much.

Sure, the purpose of content marketing is to generate interest in your business. But you shouldn’t start with a sales pitch. The internet is at your customer’s fingertips – they can find their options without needing to talk to a salesperson. This means that you should use your content to inform your audience. Use content to make them aware of your brand, let them see how you can solve their problem and encourage them to make a decision.

#4 – You aren’t creating enough content.

Quality beats quantity any day. But if you’re never going to grab attention if you only post content once a month. Your audience is looking for consistency and credibility. Find a good balance between quality and quantity and go beyond blog writing. Try making some videos, creating a research report or offering an infographic. Having different content widens your audience to include new people, so don’t afraid of getting a little creative.

In today’s age, you can’t afford to create content no one’s going to look at. If you don’t have the time to create content that your audience wants to engage with, we can help. Our marketing team can help improve your content-creation process.


Why Nobody is Reading your Content
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Why Nobody is Reading your Content
You can’t afford to create content nobody is reading. If you don’t have the resources, we can help. Our marketers can improve your content-creation process.
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