John Luhr
August 15th, 2018

There are so many Content Management Systems (CMS) available today for websites. But my CMS of choice is WordPress. Many people ask why that one and my answer is usually because it’s the most user friendly. But actually, this isn’t true. There is a fine line that can be drawn between user friendly and customisable and WordPress sits exactly on that line. This is the main reason it is our CMS of choice.

There are other “better” CMS’s available that enable the website to be super fast, or super fancy. And there are other “better” CMS’s available that allow the user to much more easily manipulate their website, through drag and drop boxes.

But, when it comes right down to it, for that super fancy, super fast one, you basically need to be a developer to edit it. To do something simple like change some text, or upload a picture, you can get to the extremes where you have to open a HTML file in Notepad to do it.

And, that super easy to use drag and drop platform is so super limiting that if you want to put 6 flip boxes in 6 columns, your CMS might only allow 5 and you have no other options. So your design falls apart because you wanted 6 in a row, and now you have to do 2 rows of 6.

Reasons to use WordPress

So, this is why I tend to suggest WordPress. WordPress sits at an average speed, with an average user experience, with average editing abilities, average difficulty and basically average anything.

Quite honestly, anyone can look at almost any website on the internet and then almost duplicate it exactly from scratch in WordPress (if you have the pictures etc). You will always need some coding if the design or functions are super advanced, but really, you can almost duplicate anything.

WordPress also has millions of themes to choose from with millions of templates and millions of plug-ins. So, if you see a function you like on a web page, you can probably find a plug-in that does exactly what you want.

Some of the tips I suggest to follow, before you choose anything on WordPress, is the following:

1 – When was it first published? Brand new things are usually not a good idea because you don’t know when it will get updated

2 – When was the last update? If it’s too long ago, it may mean that the developer has stopped updating it, so when you update your WordPress install or theme it might not work

3 – How many people have downloaded it before? You want something that gets downloaded a lot because it means the developer will probably be earning money from it so will want to keep developing it

4 – The reviews are good – Reviews are not always the best source of information because they are very rarely objective. But, it stands to reason if a lot of people are downloading it and reviewing it one way or the other, then you can learn a little bit about it

So Why WordPress? Because WordPress is average and the most user friendly. We have had many customers that we have used WordPress to implement their website to expose their business to the world.

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Why WordPress?
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Why WordPress?
Reasons to use Wordpress and 4 tips to follow before you make the crucial decision of what theme to download. Read to find out more.
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