Why You Should
Build An App

Why You Should
Build An App


Ivy Buddee
August 19, 2020

Our Sydney app development team will treat you as family from the moment you contact us and explain your mobile app idea. When you work with DigiGround, you gain a top-notch app development team, a premium graphic design studio, an app marketing guru, a project manager, a strategic business consultant and a numbers cruncher all in one.

  • When you become our client, the best Sydney-based in-house developers will be allocated to your mobile app project.
  • Our project team will work directly with you to paint a picture of your app design requirements. We combine your creative ideas and our technical know-how to create the best product possible.
  • We will design and build a complete custom app that you can brand as your own and start marketing.

Why You Should Build An App

As it currently stands, the two most commonly used operating systems for mobile devices are the Apple-developed iOS and the Google-developed Android. Smartphone usage is rising rapidly, and it’s clear that we all love using mobile apps. You only need to look at the statistics to see this: Google Play had 84.3 billion app downloads in 2019, and App Store had 204 billion app downloads in 2019. In addition to the popularity of apps, there are many reasons why you should build an app specifically for iOS and Android.

  • Mobile apps are the most responsive, most reliable and fastest experience for smartphone users.
  • Apps can make use of the wider functionalities available in mobile devices, such as the microphone, camera, GPS, biometrics and gestures.
  • People today are spending a large amount of time in apps. The popularity of apps only continues to grow.
  • You can use push notifications to alert your app users of any new content or updates being published. Push notifications give you the chance to bring your audience back to your app.

Start building your mobile app

Here at DigiGround, we have extensive experience in mobile app development. We marry beautiful design with functionality and offer ongoing support and maintenance whenever you need an app update. Based 100% in Australia, we build and develop everything in-house in our Sydney office. Whether you need a brand-new app, a redesign or you just need that extra push, DigiGround is here and ready to go. Contact us to start your mobile app development journey today.


Why You Should Build An App
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Why You Should Build An App
Our Sydney app development team will treat you as family from the moment you contact us. Here's why you should build an app with DigiGround
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