Am I Famous on

Am I Famous on


By Ivy Buddee
October 26, 2017

These days Instagram is huge. So many startups are using it to get their business name out there and to promote their products. But you can’t be successful on Instagram without engagement. Most of the time, potential audiences will look at the number of users following your Instagram, the amount of likes your images receive, and the types of comments on your images. Engagement is everything. If you have thousands of followers but have little likes and comments from other users, your profile won’t have the influence you’re after. Likewise if you are not using the correct hashtags, you will not get the exposure you’re looking for. Other companies won’t reach out to you for collaborations. The type of followers you have is far more important than the number of followers you have.

Instagram: Quality over Quantity

The way you boost your Instagram presence is crucial. Make sure your content it always relevant to your business. In fact, try to show your business’s personality through your content. This gives you a recognisable brand, which will help you gather an audience that is genuinely interested in your content. And most importantly, your business’ products. How do you choose what content to post? Think about what’s important to your industry. Think about what your customers are interested in.

  • Be authentic. Honest, relatable content tends to do well on Instagram.
  • Have an aesthetic. Decide how you want your overall Instagram page to look. This will give your Instagram a personality, and help you to choose what content to post next.
  • Tag the brands or people relevant to your content. This will give you more exposure to users who are interested in your Instagram.

Stop worrying about your followers count, and start working on boosting your engagement rates. Find your personality, carve out your aim and be willing to learn and adapt your approach. Instagram is constantly changing, and businesses are finding new ways to strengthen connections with their community.


Am I Famous on Instagram?
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Am I Famous on Instagram?
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