Do You Need
A Brand Refresh?

Do You Need
A Brand Refresh?

Do You Need A Brand Refresh?

Ivy Buddee
May 06, 2020

Our DigiGround graphic design experts take a look at the top 5 signs that your business needs a brand refresh.

Do You Need A Brand Refresh?

Expanding into a new market

If your business is expanding its offering or going into a new market, you’ll likely need a brand refresh. An example of this is Starbucks: their original branding was centred around coffee. But as the brand expanded into new markets and began offering more products, the brand’s imagery moved away from coffee-centricity. Since this change, Starbucks has reported enormous business growth.

Lack of emotional connection to brand

Customers who feel a bond or sense of connection to your brand are more likely to be loyal and satisfied customers. This means that they are more likely to make a purchase from your business, will pay attention to your messaging, follow your suggestions and recommend you to others. When you have a strong brand identity, your customers will be promoting you through word of mouth and social media posting. It should also be mentioned that it’s important to maintain this feeling of brand connection for your team members as well.

Changing market

People are constantly changing their taste in clothing, food, furniture and so forth. Likewise, as technology evolves, businesses are demanding new and different solutions from service providers. The market never stays the same, and customer preferences will always change over time. If your brand identity is no longer resonating in the marketplace, it’s time for a brand refresh.

Brand and logo disconnect

Your business’ brand needs to be aligned with your value proposition, messaging and the way you communicate with customers, team members and partners. You might find that your logo isn’t consistent with your branding – but thankfully, a logo refresh isn’t a drastic task. Major brands such as Google, Starbucks and Microsoft have all evolved their logos over the years. Visual elements can become dated, and changes in the market might mean that you need to rethink your branding.


Do You Need a Brand Refresh?
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Do You Need a Brand Refresh?
In our latest DigiGround blog, our Sydney graphic designers takes a look at the top 5 signs that you need a brand refresh for your business.
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