Google Ads:
Shopping, Search or Display?

Google Ads:
Shopping, Search or Display?


Ivy Buddee
April 27, 2020

You’ve decided to take your first step into the world of paid search. Congrats on making this choice – paid search offers businesses to get right in front of their target audience (well, if they do it right). But with so many options available through Google Ads, how do you know which one is right for you?

Google Ads: shopping, search or display?

Shopping ads

Google runs a type of ecommerce service called Google Shopping. This is a type of paid advertising that is essential to any retail business. If you sell products to customers and you have a limited budget, we suggest prioritising Shopping. Why? Because Google Shopping turns clicks into conversions. Customers use it after they’ve done their research, compared options and identified exactly what they want. Google Shopping allows the customer to drill down to find exactly what they want. Which gives it a high average ROI as it’s nudging customers towards making a purchase.

Search ads

If you need to reel in customers to your business, Search is where you cast your line. Getting your business onto the top of the search results page enables you to reach customers that have just started their buyer journey – when they’re still deciding what they need. Here, the customer will have realised that they need a solution to their problem. And to be successful at this type of advertising, you need to show that you’re aware of their problem, you have a solution, and that solution is your product or services. This type of advertising is perfect for small, niche or new businesses looking to increase their brand exposure. Unless you’re already a household name, you should really be doing these awareness campaigns.

Display ads

The Google Display Network is a great tool for brand awareness and retargeting. It allows businesses to reach a very broad audience very quickly and start driving traffic to their site from the get-go. Display ads have the potential to alter the way you talk to your target audience, allowing you to become their first choice in the industry.

If you’d like more guidance on Google Ads, or you’d like to find out about omnichannel advertising, talk to our Sydney digital marketing team at DigiGround today. Let’s get connected!


Google Ads: Shopping, Search or Display?
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Google Ads: Shopping, Search or Display?
Shopping, search, display... with so many options available through Google Ads, how do you know which one is right for you?
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