By Patricia Tselepi
August 28, 2017

Believe it or not heat mapping is not just a tool to tell you when the next hurricane could be sweeping a storm over your house. Heat mapping is a popular Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tool.  A heat-map can tell you if your website is converting. That is, if it is hitting your goals. Granted your goal is to get customers, leads or opportunities.

It can tell you if you are receiving traffic. When the traffic arrives, where the traffic is clicking. If they left, why and what they liked the most while there. How does it do this? Through these various tracked options. Below I have used screenshots from the DigiGround website when it was in it’s earliest phase of operation. These screenshots were then added to our heat-mapping platform to monitor and measure outcomes.

Why you need heat-mapping?

  • To improve conversions from your website, from lead to sale
  • To measure behaviour and apply improvements

See below for exported snapshots of our website pages and to learn about the various types of heat-maps available.

Heat-map types

Click Map – Click maps show you a heat-map of where people are clicking on a page. The blue colour refers to less clicks, and when it gets towards the warmer reds this means it received more clicks. The most clicks are the brightest white and yellow colours. When you can measure clicks you can work out where a high concentration of people are visiting. Basically outlining what’s hot and what’s not. On the below example, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th points on the main navigation have the warmest color, which means they are getting the most clicks. Which tells us the ABOUT, SERVICES and TEAM pages receive the most interest.


Confetti Map – Is a heat-map of referring traffic. In other words, what external sites people are coming from to your site. It will display the exact links in a list with a count beside each link.  It’s great for measuring traffic segmented by referral sources and search terms which may come from a campaign or google search. And it will show you what they clicked on when they visited.

Confetti map

Scroll Map – Scroll maps are heat-maps that show you how far people have scrolled down a page and where they have abandoned the scroll. The warmer the colour means the most viewed. The cooler the colour, shows where less people are scrolling to. The heat measure starts from the warmest colour yellow through to orange, red, green blue, and finally black. Scroll maps are great for showing you where users are dropping off.  Which can spur you to rearrange the layout of the page for better view prioritising what you want people to see.

scroll map

Overlay Map – Shows you where each of the links are on a page and the number of clicks on each element of the page. To see the number of clicks you simply hover over it for a tally.

overlay map

At DigiGround we provide our clients with heat-map reports so they can make sure they are optimising their websites for conversion.  If you would like us to review your site for conversion, or just to know where people are clicking, talk to us today.


Heat-mapping for CRO
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Heat-mapping for CRO
Heat-mapping is a useful way to measure, site visits, link clicks and referral traffic. Talk to us today about providing you with a helpful report.
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