How To Use
Instagram Stories

How To Use
Instagram Stories


By Ivy Buddee
January 23, 2019

Instagram Stories let you tell more about your brand than any photo post can. Previously, we talked about the importance of telling a story to your potential customers. Instagram Stories let you do exactly that – with videos and images.

Of course, Stories are temporary. They disappear after 24 hours. But that’s perfect – you’re forced to tell fresh stories about your business instead of repeating the some old one, time after time.

Now, assuming you know how to access your Story feed, here’s a look at how you can use Instagram Stories to tell your brand’s story.

How to Use Instagram Stories

There are several Stories options to choose from:

  • Live (live filming and broadcasting)
  • Normal (take standard images and videos)
  • Boomerang (record a lopping GIF)
  • Superzoom (zoom in to an object and add a soundtrack with it)
  • Rewind (play a video in reverse)
  • Stop-motion (create several stop motion videos that playback as a single video)
  • Hands-free (take a video without pressing the screen)

When you create your Story, play around with the different visual effects available. Use Instagram’s wide range of filters to enhance your photo or video. Add text or drawings to your story and test out the different colours and pen types. You can also give stickers a go! These stickers include geotags, the time, temperature and much more.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, take your Insta game to the next level by creating a conversation.

  • Mention users in your story, such as your followers, to quickly exchange stories.
  • Use the hashtag sticker to promote your campaign, event or brand and encourage your followers to do the same.
  • Add a nuanced question to an emoji slider. Followers can respond by positioning an emoji along a sliding scale.
  • Use the poll sticker to ask your followers for their opinion.
  • The questions sticker is a great way to get your followers interacting with your brand.

The best way to improve your Instagram Stories is by experimenting with the different creative tools and watching how your followers respond. If you create a Story you’re particularly proud of, add it to the highlights section of your profile. Then your followers can revisit them whenever they like!


How to Use Instagram Stories
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How to Use Instagram Stories
Assuming you know how to access your Story feed, here’s a look at how you can use Instagram Stories to tell your brand’s story.
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