Interactive Content

Interactive Content


By Ivy Buddee
January 2, 2018

Engaging your audience through your content is more crucial than ever before if you want to extend your reach on social media and increase your consumer base. Interactive content requires your audience to actively engage with your content, that is, do more than just read or watch. In return for their engagement, the audience obtains real-time results relevant to them.

Interactive content, including polls and quizzes, are 120% more likely to be shared, and this statistic is only one fragment of what interactive content can do for your audience building. To get inspired, let’s look at how Buzzfeed and Facebook have engaged their audiences through mixing interactive content with social media.

Examples of interactive content on social media

Buzzfeed quizzes

This is probably the most popular example of interactive content today. I personally find myself doing them to pass the time on my morning commute. You’ve probably seen people share their quiz results on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. In fact, this is how Buzzfeed gets 75% of their traffic. Seeing these quiz results circulate on social media reveals the strategic use of interactive content. By making users curious, Buzzfeed drives audiences from social media to their website. This is also a good chance for data-gathering and lead generation.

Facebook’s 360 degree photos

The great thing about 360 photos is that they let your user see more than what they can in the first frame. This content encourages your audience to interact with the photo in order to control what they see. The more interesting and unique your content is, the more likely it is for users to share it. 360 photos can be a great way to show your full range of products, and a street view of your company’s location can help customers find you. Using 360 photos creates interest and boosts engagement, giving your business a wider audience.

To stand out from your competitors and engage your audience, consider creating your own interactive content. As you can see, combining interactive content with social media can do wonders for building your brand. If you’re investing enough time and resources into generating content, it’s only reasonable to publish them across your social media channels.


Using Interactive Content
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Using Interactive Content
To stand out from your competitors and engage your audience, create your own interactive content. We've got some examples to inspire you.
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