Gen Tactics

Gen Tactics


By Ivy Buddee
April 16, 2018

When it comes to lead generation, it’s the quality of the lead that matters. There are many tactics you can employ to increase your lead generation, but unless they are targeted, your efforts will have been wasted. Generating leads doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ll take you through a couple of lead gen tactics that’ll make your targeting more effective.

Lead gen tactics

Chances are, about half of those visiting your website won’t return unless you’ve adequately received some information from them. Lucky for you, that can be fixed. This first tactic involves gaining information from your website visitor to incite them to return. A work email address is the best thing a marketer can get, but not all visitors are willing to offer this kind of information.

Many internet visitors see a call-to-action button like “sign up here” and associate it with email spam. You need to find a more effective way to obtain the information you want. The best method is to offer the visitor something that’ll make their sign up mutually beneficial. An example is offering them a discount voucher for signing up.

Keep it relevant

Make sure that your advertisement’s landing page has one call-to-action in mind. Don’t overwhelm your visitor with information about your company’s history, or a full list of its services. Make your goal more specific.

Let’s say you’re running an advertising campaign that aims to sign up customers. Your ad says, “sign up to receive 50% off your first purchase”. You must ensure that your landing page offers the visitor exactly that. A great way to assure the visitor that your website delivers its promise is by using the same headline in both the ad and webpage. Another way is to duplicate the images, font and colouring to some degree.

Even if you don’t use these tactics for lead gen, to make your marketing successful we recommend you:

  • Keep an eye on the segments that are driving the most engagement
  • Don’t push the same content to different segments
  • Talk directly to your most engaged segment
  • Tell your audience what you want them to do

Lead generation is an important part of a marketing strategy. Think about how many websites you’ve visited but never returned to. Those businesses failed to gain your attention at that time, and they failed to reconnect with you later. Don’t let your business do the same. Test new methods and products constantly. Don’t be afraid to test new things or change your current strategy. Doing so will help you generate sales qualified leads, enabling your business to succeed.

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Lead Gen Tactics
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Lead Gen Tactics
When it comes to lead gen, it’s the quality of the lead that matters. We’ll take you through lead gen tactics that’ll make your targeting more effective.
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