Predator Or

Predator Or


By Enrique Gonzalez
July 8, 2017

In today’s world who you are in real life and who you portray yourself to be in all your social media platforms, can be very different. It, I guess comes down to the old “introvert” versus “extrovert” question. Are they really an introvert, with extrovert tendencies or are they using a platform they can hide behind to express a side they, otherwise in the real life social situations, would find difficult.

Trump Tweet 1

Back in the old days (the land of the dinosaurs), when there was no social media, you were either the Predator or Prey…or to put it more aptly, the hunter or hunted. Today you can pretend to be the hunted in certain social arenas and you can also have other groups perceive you to be the hunter. It’s what I like to call ‘social media schizophrenia’, living two lives and keeping up two appearances. Sounds exhausting right?!

Trump Tweet 2

Let’s look at a current social media personality that is well known in the social media space, what he says on television, radio and the press are very different than the rants you see in social media. Especially of late on Twitter. So, if you haven’t guessed already (see big image above) I am referring to the current and very controversial President Donald John Trump.

Trump Tweet 3

President Trump will portray himself as a caring and heartfelt individual in front of the press and then will attack anyone that has a differing of opinion or anyone who attacks one of his policies, with a tirade of “bully” style comments on his favourite platform, Twitter. He has a very specific social media persona.

Trump Tweet 4

Your Social Media Presence

Do you have one and what are the differences? Have you created an alter ego similar to the likes of Katheryn Hudson AKA Katie Perry or Sasha Fierce AKA Beyoncé? One could classify it as having multisocialmediapersona (my newly created term) or do you simply suffer from a lack of confidence and need the facade of the alter ego to function?

Trump Tweet 5

The actions that Donald J. Trump takes such as, ranting and bullying and dealing with it later, is a very reactive approach. One I question. Does he think he is right? Do you?  I try to imagine if I were in his shoes, how I would cope with all the trouble he creates

Trump Tweet 6

And finally, how long would an Australian Prime minister last if he did the things that President Donald J. Trump has done? Let’s hope our politicians never think that this is a good idea and a modern way to govern this “GREAT” country of ours.

As much as social media can be a volatile playground, we strongly believe it is important for leveraging your brand. Unlike President Trumps approach, we would suggest a specific strategy that doesn’t have the tendency to get you in hot water on a daily basis! Read our previous blog Social Media and Why You Need It, to learn more.

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Predator or Prey?
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