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DigiGround teams up with Komosion

DigiGround teams up with Komosion

The Komosion and DigiGround teams together at the DigiGround office.

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Written by Ivy Buddee

January 21, 2019

As Komosion grew their business and started taking on bigger jobs, they realised that they didn’t have enough staff to meet all their client’s objectives within a desired time framed. That’s why DigiGround was very excited to share its expertise with Komosion. DigiGround will be working collaboratively with Komosion to deliver interactive, engaging and presonalised products for their clients.

Komosion is an award-winning management consulting agency that specialises in customer experience design and delivery through both physical and digital channels. They offer services in website design and development, management consulting and marketing and communications. They understand the customer’s journey and use this knowledge to help their clients innovate, prioritise and achieve a competitive advantage.

With this new strategic partnership, DigiGround aims to combine our expertise with that of Komosion to help businesses create their ideal products, aligning with their business goals as closely as possible. Over the coming months, we will be working collaborate to build customer-oriented websites for the Office of Local Government and the InterContinental Hotel Group.

This dynamic relationship allows Komosion to enhance their proven capability and more effectiveely achieve the goals of their clients. Working closely with Komosion also provides an exciting opportunity to connect with new business, leaders and partners who would like to consult and collaborate.

We are excited to welcome Komosion into our portfolio and look forward to a progressive and long partnership that empowers our clients to succeed and grow.