7 Techniques To Enhance Your Marketing Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Do you suspect your email marketing strategy is ineffective? If your email click-through rate is disappointing, you are most likely correct. Let’s face it:
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Do you suspect your email marketing strategy is ineffective? If your email click-through rate is disappointing, you are most likely correct. Let’s face it: if your subscribers don’t click your links, you’ll have fewer leads and sales, which will reduce your income. That is why enticing more subscribers to click is critical.

When we talk about email marketing click-through rates, or CTRs, we’re talking about customer engagement and interaction with each component of your email. When we focus on where and what each client clicked, we can see what customers liked about the message, such as enticing hyperlinks, powerful CTAs, and appealing graphics. CTRs also allow you to identify areas that need improvement and determine the interests of your subscribers, allowing you to create a more effective campaign in the future.

Let’s concentrate on the seven techniques listed below as tried-and-true methods for increasing subscriber satisfaction and CTRs.

  • Check your topic lines. 

The click-through rate of an offer in the email body is usually referred to as “CTR” in email marketing. The recipients must first be convinced to open the email, though. Start A/B testing your subject lines once you’ve mastered email deliverability.

  • Less is more with copy.

Less is more when it comes to copy. Email recipients are more likely to see your offer if you write succinct messages rather than long ones that they will eventually discard. By placing your best copy first, you may also help combat this.

  • Include options for social sharing. 

Online research shows that emails with only one social sharing option had click-through rates that were 40% higher than those without any social sharing links. The CTR rose by 60% when there were three or more social sharing alternatives available. Even if your email recipients decide not to take advantage of the offer, they could know someone who does. Include social sharing buttons and encourage them to do so to see your click-through rate soar.

  • Segment your email lists.

This is one of the main reasons we place such a strong focus on email segmentation. List segmentation allows you to make a more tailored offer, increasing the possibility that your reader will click through. It also stops you from spamming email recipients with pointless offers. Online studies show that marketers who segment their lists produce 24% more sales leads, 18% more transactions, and 24% more money.

  • Provide targeted content. 

You break your list up into segments for this reason. Now that you are aware of the recipients of your email, think about the content they would find valuable and include it in your offer. It goes without saying that you’ll receive more clicks to redeem your offer if it appeals to the needs of your receiver.

  • Please include a P.S. (Postscript)

The P.S. is a fantastic technique to reiterate an offer or draw email scanners’ attention. The visual call out of the P.S. draws attention, making it a great opportunity to A/B test if your offers get more or less click-throughs when it is present.

  • Inject a sense of urgency. 

For product marketers, restricting your options is a particularly successful tactic. This encourages readers to redeem them right away, which raises your click-through rate. But do not fret. If your email marketing is properly segmented, you are giving them a product that is perfectly suited to their requirements!


While there are numerous methods for increasing email marketing click-through rates, the most important thing to remember is that emails are just a tool for keeping in touch with your subscribers. The more you anticipate their needs and include solutions in your emails, the more likely they are to click through and trust your content.

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