Using Snapchat
for Business

Using Snapchat
for Business


By Ivy Buddee
September 16, 2019

Are you thinking of giving Snapchat a whirl to strength your brand? It’s easy to see why lots of businesses are on Snapchat. It’s a good way to show a different side of your brand and engage your audience on a whole new level. Snapchat also has 186 million highly engaged users – so it’s a great marketing opportunity to take hold of.

Advertisements aside, there are many things you can do to capture your audience’s attention and grow your following.

Ways to use Snapchat for business

Give your audience special content

Give your audience access to exclusive information they can only find on Snapchat. Some brands use Snapchat to debut their new products or reveal how different products can be used. This type of content can make your audience feel like they’re a part of a special community. It also makes more users want to join Snapchat, so they can see your additional content.

Live stream your activities

You can use Snapchat to give your audience live access to your events. You can use it when you’re running an event such as a workshop or a talk. Or you can share exciting news about your business. It’s a great way to give your followers behind the scene access so that they can see more of what your business is all about.

Give out promotions

One way to attract an audience on Snapchat is by giving out special offers from time to time. These can be things such as free promotional gifts, digital vouchers and discount codes. By giving out these special deals, you can create greater interactions between your audience and your brand. It’s also a good way for you to showcase your brand’s personality!

Make sure your audience knows about your Snapchat profile!

Keep it consistent with your other social media handles so there’s a better chance of your consumers finding you. Cross-promote your Snapchat on other social media platforms. For example, create an Instagram Story telling your followers to view your Snapchat today for a special gift. You can also use this link to share your Snapcode with people.

There you have it. If you follow these simple tips, your business Snapchat will be underway in no time. Happy snapping!


Using Snapchat for Business
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Using Snapchat for Business
Are you thinking of giving Snapchat a whirl to strength your brand? It’s easy to see why many are using Snapchat for business! Find out more on our website!
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