Why You Need A
Mobile-Friendly Site

Why You Need A
Mobile-Friendly Site


By Ivy Buddee
May 7, 2018

Having a website for your company is important – but is it mobile-friendly?

The days of designing a website for desktops are behind us, and now even Google is favouring websites that are optimised for mobile viewing. If you have a website that’s mobile-friendly – that’s great! But what you really need to do is make sure it’s mobile-first.

Why? Because designs that look good on a desktop don’t necessarily look good on mobile. By making your website design mobile-first, you begin the design process with mobile constraints and considerations straightaway, preventing you from running into trouble later on. Also, having a mobile-first design can make sure you’re displaying the most important information first and that critical items (such as a sign-up form) don’t go unnoticed by the user.

Why you need a mobile-friendly site:

  • Improve your SEO. If your website is optimised for mobile viewing, you’ll have a higher chance of ranking well on local and global searches. Plus, your users are likely to spend more time on your site.
  • Better user experience. Users want the most amount of access to your content with the least amount of effort possible. Your mobile-first design should be easy and simple to follow.
  • Friendly across devices. Whether your user has an iPhone or Android, tablet or iPad, your mobile-first design should work across all mobile devices and screens.

Deciding what to include in your mobile site can be difficult. That’s why we suggest website designers stick with the basics:

  • Basic homepage
  • Easy site navigation
  • Quick and easy form entry
  • Functional site search
  • Fast loading time for webpages (particularly important for mobile users)
  • Clear CTAs

If you want to redesign your website, it’s important that you begin with mobile first. It’ll help you design a website that’s more engaging and user-friendly across a range of devices. You’ll also reach your target audience faster, ultimately leading your business to higher revenues and profits.

For more information on what you should and shouldn’t do with your website design, contact us today. We’re always happy to lend a hand!


Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site
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Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site
Having a website for your company is important – but is it mobile-friendly? Here is why you need a mobile-friendly site.
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