Your SEO Sucks And
I Can Fix It

Your SEO Sucks And
I Can Fix It


By Ivy Buddee
June 20, 2019

If you’re working with an SEO agency, you’ve probably been bombarded with scam emails from other so-called “SEO experts” who are disparaging the work of your agency. These emails usually begin with:

Your SEO sucks and I can fix it

It’s a simple pitch. Send a report to the site’s owner telling them that their SEO isn’t working. You need to do more. And I can help. The thing is, no matter how good your SEO is, there is always something you can be doing differently. There are hundreds of factors that go into a campaign. One person might do things differently to another, and both tactics are still valid. Sometimes, there might be site limits preventing you from using a particular practice. And other times, SEO items are prioritised based on goals, budgets, resources and time.

The problem with these scam emails is that they look legitimate and causes the client to doubt the work of their agency. They forward this email to the agency, asking why their SEO management is sub-par. The client tells them to change what they’re doing, which takes hours away from the real work and delivers zero value.

It’s great when a client understands and supports our efforts and what we do. With these clients, our resources and their resources blend effortlessly, and we get more done together than we would individually. Other clients don’t understand SEO and they know they don’t understand it, but they leave us to do our job. These clients are a pleasure to work with and we receive great success.

The clients that aren’t successful are the ones that think they understand SEO when they don’t. These are the clients that question everything you do. They request hours of explanations for simple whys. They end up getting in the way of their own progress, and these are the clients that fall victim to those scam emails.

Measure your success

Measuring your success with a to-do list is doing it wrong. Instead, judge your success on the results your agency gives you. It helps when you all agree on what success is from the get-go. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO, but you can all agree on goals to target. It’s okay to your agency an article for their opinion if you’re curious. But if you are constantly questioning their strategy, you need to either re-evaluate your goals or look for a new SEO manager.

But hopefully, if we can educate site owners on SEO and help them set realistic goals and expectations, hopefully these scam emails will become obsolete.


Your SEO sucks and I can fix it
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Your SEO sucks and I can fix it
If you’re working with an SEO agency, you’ve probably been bombarded with scam emails that say "your SEO sucks and I can fix it"...
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