Your Top 5
DigiGround Blogs

Your Top 5
DigiGround Blogs


Patricia Tselepi
August 15th, 2018

The DigiGround team have got a lot to say. On subjects like design, photography, website development, social media and general marketing, and you name it, we’ve also written about it.

We’ve written about ways to expand your business. We’ve written about how to create websites. We’ve even written about the best ways to email market, advertise online and manage a team.

In fact, if you’ve been lucky enough to catch our latest 8 Part SEO series – a step-by-step guide to get your site ranking, no matter what part of the business cycle you’re at – then you’ll be also happy to see we’ve got a lot more below.

And, this time round, we thought, we would provide you with YOUR top 5 DigiGround blogs. How do we know they’re your favourite?? Simple, we checked the metrics of course! As with all our marketing intelligence, we measured your response, your clicks, comments and shares, which revealed to us, that you thought these ones….were alright.

So, if you’re starting a business, looking to expand or wanting to develop new skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for your favourite DigiGround Blogs

1. Sales and marketing…who’s to blame? Looks at the internal rivalries of the sales and marketing team of an organisation. Using the age-old debate of Sydney cyclists versus Sydney vehicles, John Luhr creates a metaphor to explain the competing views.

2. Bridging the Creative Gap discusses how to manage that sinking feeling. The one you get when you’ve been intent on creating your best work, but fall just short of the goal. Yep…it happens.

3. Buzzwords Can Buzz Off discusses the use of words and phrases that become popular in work, academic or social environments and just how pretentious they can be.

4. Toward the top of the share count….This is a Viral Tribute. Looks at all the past viral challenges and the reason for their popularity wrapped up in a video mannequin challenge of our very own.

5. It’s our oldest post, and our most popular, Managing a Successful Team looks at choosing staff for a team rather than focusing on the individual. Especially helpful for any new business owners who may just be starting out.

And as a bonus….




The DigiGround Team have selected their favourite…

Brand Metallica – There’s a reason why they’re still the biggest band in the business after 30 years of music. They’ve created a brand, controlled by the band. Find out how they did it and how they continue to push the boundaries of their industry by recording albums that no one thinks will work.


Your Top 5 DigiGround Blogs
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Your Top 5 DigiGround Blogs
We've measured your response, and listed Your top 5 DigiGround Blogs. In the DigiGround office we notice your clicks, comments and shares.
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