Are Developers

Are Developers

John Luhr
August 15th, 2016

Do you know how easy it is to make something online these days? Everyone and anyone can call themselves a developer. With the rise of easy to use software and online platforms for development with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) style interfaces, the simplest of us can watch a few YouTube videos and make an app, or a webpage, or a web app.

Much like my previous blogs Are Photographers Donkeys? or Are Graphic Designers Monkeys? today we’re going to look at the difference between a developer and a turkey. And you can decide which one provides more value to your business needs.

Adobe is a company that is dedicated to making tools for easy development. They are often adding new amazing functions into their software to make it easier to extract code from a picture by right clicking it and going to Copy CSS, PhotoShop, or even drag and drop a whole website (Muse).

There is also an easy to use App Maker coming soon from Adobe. Google’s Santa Tracker even has a game called “Code Boogie” which has a drag and drop interface for people to make an elf dance, with the implication being that you are “coding”. But, do these really do the job your business needs?

Because what is happening these days is people are calling themselves developers just because they know how to user Dreamweaver, or Muse, or Adobe Edge Animate, or WordPress, or Joomla, or Drupal, a little bit less so with Umacro, but still.

Sam, our internal front end developer arrived to our office with much joy and wonderment. We explained our need for his first job (the DigiCard app) and asked him to tell us the best technology to use, the best way to make it, and also, oh yeah, to make it.

He got excited, did a bit of research, sat down and started to develop. And when I say develop, I mean he sat down and started to type the gibberish below:

<div class=”frame frame-frozen”>

<div class=”background background-mountain”>

<div class=”earth earth-world”>

<div class=”vehicle vehicle-motorbike”>

<div class=”guy guy-santa”>

<div class=”weather weather-none”>

<div class=”platform-container”>

<h1>Welcome to The DigiCard Editor</h1>

Then, he came to us a couple of days later and told us he needed the pictures now. So we went to Cesia (our in-house Graphic Designer) and asked her to start her designs. As the days progressed, what was appearing on both of their screens was amazing and we would all regularly crowd around to see. It was crazy to see text turn into life.

So, what makes someone a developer? And why do you need to differentiate?

I once told the entire team that the developers (and to an extent the designers) are the only ones who truly create things. We all think of ideas, we create concepts, we come up with names of things and plans for apps.

Then we give someone else the idea and they turn it into reality.

Someone who can drag and drop on a WYSIWYG editor is no better at creating than the rest of us in the team. All they are doing is taking someone else’s work and converting it to their own.

So, are developers turkeys? No, but the people who say they are developers when all they can do is use WordPress, definitely are!  If you want to see what real developers can do then click here.


Are Developers Turkeys?
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Are Developers Turkeys?
Can people who creates websites or apps using ready-made tools call themselves developers? We say no. Read our blog to find out why.
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