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By Ivy Buddee
September 12th, 2018

Have you heard of neuromarketing? It’s an interesting concept. It’s a scientific study that uses the fundamentals of neuroscience phenomenon. Basically, that means using things like colour, font and shape to persuade your target audience to purchase your products. I won’t go into the science of it, but you can check out this journal article by Christophe Morin that tells you everything you want to know.

Neuromarketing works. Especially at attracting the consumer’s attention. Here’s a look at some examples of it:

Using neuromarketing TACTICS

Colour psychology


This infographic by KissMetrics highlights how colours can influence consumer behaviour and decisions. It reveals that colour (85%) is the primary factor behind a consumer’s purchase decision, while all other factors share the remaining 15%. On the other hand, colour can boost your brand’s recognition by up to 80%. That means that consumers are more likely to trust a brand that uses the right blend of colours.

Simple fonts

It’s basic human psyche that we prefer things that are easy and comfortable. This is definitely true when it comes to fonts – consumers tend to prefer fonts that are easy to read and understand. While Arial is your best bet according to this study, complex fonts can still be a useful advertising tactic. Use them to catch your visitor’s attention – but make sure you do so sparingly, or else your visitor will just glaze over your text.

Face direction


Lots of advertisers use babies to attract and hold the viewer’s attention. They use cute babies, frowning babies, smiling babies and startled babies. But what works the best? Eye tracking software has found that if you make a face look in the direction of what you want your audience to view, then your audience will divert their focus to that.



This is an important marketing tactic that really uses the philosophy of neuroscience. Use anchoring to lure your customer into buying something at your intended price, even though the true price is much lower. It convinces the customer that it’s something they should invest their money in.

What neuromarketing does, is it creates an identity for your brand, which you can use to influence your consumers into purchasing your products. From your colour choices to your anchoring, you can use these neuromarketing techniques to access your consumer’s cognitive bias.


What is Neuromarketing?
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What is Neuromarketing?
Neuromarketing works. Especially at attracting the consumer’s attention. Here’s a look at some examples of how your business can use it.
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