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DigiGround Blogs
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By Patricia Tselepi
September 17, 2017

DigiGrounder’s have big opinions. In the Blogs We Love To Love, we serve up some of our fave words on digital topics we LOVE! Thankful everyday for the opportunity we get to work with businesses from varying industries, we share our stories in the hopes of providing some beneficial learnings for you…or if not leanings, simply some entertainment.

Have you ever wondered why the hashtag symbol has become so recognisable? Or how to make an impact with a hashtag that counts? Perhaps you’ve created an ad campaign that didn’t go quite to plan? Or, maybe you’re an amateur photographer who needs a little help finding the light?

DigiGround Blogs are written by DigiGround staff. We hear your questions and provide you with the answers in this best-of blog.

DigiGround Blogs

1.As Lead Extraordinaire for DigiGround, I use the knowledge I’ve gained from years of customer consultation and strategy development in social media and digital marketing to bring you a blog that answers all your hashtag questions.

2.Lily Pattie is our resident Digital Specialist. She works with clients to improve their search engine efforts, helping them to rank in key positions to place your website in the spotlight. Her Campaign Blunders blog highlights some big brands, doing some untested things, and getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

3.Jon Manez is DigiGround’s Media Man. He works with our clients taking photos for their websites or personal branding. His talent extends to video work and animation and here he provides some useful tips for amateur photographers or those wanting to take the creative plunge.

4. General Manager Joh Luhr, has years of experience Managing staff. He helps new businesses resolve problems and field queries whilst helping them to build their online business assets. Talking from all aspects of company development, this time he asks you to step out of your customers shoes.

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DigiGround Blogs We Love
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DigiGround Blogs We Love
Our latest best-of Blog, showcases 4 DigiGround Blogs from staff members of varying skills and experience. Benefit your business with this great read!
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