Using TikTok
Influencer Marketing

Using TikTok
Influencer Marketing

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By Ivy Buddee
December 09, 2019

As with all social media marketing and influencer marketing, the aim is to avoid looking too sales-y while still advertising your product or services. This is especially important with TikTok’s demographic – Gen Z is notoriously hard to reach because of their disdain for anything that looks like traditional marketing.

The key to successful TikTok influencer marketing relies on how well your chosen influencer’s followers match your target market. Your influencer’s followers need to match your customer profile and your content needs to appeal to the TikTok demographic. If you sell beauty products to tweens and teens, use influencer marketing. If you sell home investment advice, then TikTok marketing isn’t right for your business.

Using TikTok influencer marketing

It doesn’t matter which social channel you use or how you choose to contact them – what matters is choosing the right TikTok influencer for your business. Are you focusing on the right demographic? TikTok has a youthful audience, and as such, you’ll need to create videos that will attract your target customers. Are they interested in beauty tips? Do they prefer TikTok’s core music videos? Or are they into comedy sketches?

Next, you will want to find a popular TikTok influencer whose followers reflect your primary target market. The benefit of partnering with a popular TikTok influencer in your niche is that they’ll have a large following of engaged, interested users who will notice videos about your brand or product.

As always, remember that relevancy is more important than reach. Don’t just use any influencer who has a large following – go for those with an audience that suits your goals.

If you need help finding a TikTok influencer, you can use a third party influencer platform like Upfluence, Fanbytes or Aspire IQ. Alternatively, you can reach out to our marketing team for influencer marketing. We’re always happy to help!


Using TikTok Influencer Marketing
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Using TikTok Influencer Marketing
Successful TikTok influencer marketing relies on how well your chosen influencer's followers match your target market. Here's how to find the right influencer for your goals.
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